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Keep Your Family Safe with the Right Health Insurance Plan

A quick rundown of why a family health insurance plan is so important to the safety of your loved ones.

From seat belts to bike helmets to healthy snacks for school, parents do everything in their power to protect their children. That's why kid-inclusive insurance plans are so popular -- they offer a financial and medical safety net to the entire family.

A family insurance plan covers the primary beneficiary as well as his or her spouse and dependent children, and often for a cost that's not much greater than that of an individual plan alone. Plus, family coverage save parents money in the long run -- a comprehensive plan for adults and kids means that routine health care and emergency services will be paid for by insurance.

What's more, family insurance also offers peace of mind. Children are active, excitable and full of energy, making them a whole lot of fun, but also prone to medical emergencies. Many kids experience at least one broken bone before turning 18, and rushing to the hospital for treatment is as scary for parents as it is for children. Holding a family insurance plan, one that's staffed with trusted representatives who can offer advice and answer questions, goes a long way towards keeping everyone calm in a medical emergency.

Sports and injuries

Kids who play sports are especially at risk of unexpected injury. The good news is that children's bones are more flexible and more padded than adult bones, helping kids recover more quickly from bone breaks and fractures. At the same time, growing bones are vulnerable to injury that might disrupt or inhibit future bone growth, making follow-up care for a fracture or break extremely important.

A family health plan will cover a child's initial hospital visit after a bone injury, as well as future appointments to a pediatrician for physical therapy or other post-surgery care. With broad coverage for the whole family, a child's physical injury will be managed by doctors you trust -- both at the time of the emergency, and well into the child's recovery.

Cover for the common cold

Besides sudden injury, children are also vulnerable to illness. The National Health Service of Britain reports that whereas adults may have two to four colds every year, children are likely to have up to 10 episodes of the common cold every year. Kids are more vulnerable to the cold virus for a number of reasons: their immune systems are less adept at fighting colds, they haven't had a chance to develop immunity to viral invaders, and they might be less vigilant about washing hands regularly.

Unfortunately, children are also more vulnerable to the effects of a cold. The common cold is more likely to produce fever in a child than in an adult, and in fact that fever may run as high as 103 degrees fahrenheit -- presenting a real danger to the body. A common cold shouldn't lead to a hospital visit, but if it does, family insurance will cover that care. Many parents will appreciate holding an insurance policy that offers protection for an illness that's so, well, common in children.


Kids are likewise disproportionately affected by seasonal influenza. Flu viruses affect millions of people around the world every year, and once again, children and their developing immune system are the ones most at risk of contracting the flu and experiencing its most severe effects. A family insurance plan can protect children from the flu in two important ways. Firstly, insurance will cover an annual flu shot, for parents who want to prevent influenza with a vaccination. Secondly, family insurance will cover a child who requires hospitalization due to dehydration or other dangerous side effects of the flu.

Along with these examples of illness and injury that come standard with being a child, kids are also just as vulnerable as adults to health care conditions that emerge without warning. More than 10,000 children in the United States alone are diagnosed with cancer every year, and although the chances of struggling with such a disease are slim, it's a comfort to know that if the worst should happen, health insurance is in place to assist with that recovery. Likewise, the risk of catastrophic injury from car or household accidents leads many parents to a family health insurance plan. If the need arises, competent and comprehensive medical care will be available.

For more information, visit our family insurance page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us today. 

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