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Allianz Worldwide Care enhances its health insurance benefits

Allianz Worldwide Care has updated its plans with new benefits, clearer terms and conditions, and more.

International health insurance provider Allianz Worldwide Care has recently announced several improvements to its products, including enhanced benefits and a new method of displaying the terms and benefits of their policies to clients. These changes came into effect on November 1st, 2013 and they affect all new and renewal international health policies for individual and groups.


Allianz Worldwide Care specialises in providing health insurance solutions for people overseas. For individuals and groups, Allianz provides a Core Plan with basic benefits in four levels - Premier, Club, Classic and Essential - plus an Executive level for corporate plans. Clients can add Out-patient, Maternity, Dental and Repatriation Plans in three different geographical areas of cover: Worldwide, Worldwide excluding USA or Africa only. All these options allow customers to have health insurance plans tailored to their particular needs.

Updated Benefits

The level of cover available has been updated for both individuals and groups.

On the standard Core Plans, the "Palliative care and long term care" has been split into two separate benefits and cover has been extended on both. The "Rehabilitation treatment" benefit has been enhanced to cover rehabilitation treatment within 14 days of discharge after the acute medical and/or surgical treatment ceases. At the same time, A separate benefit and limit for "Prescribed physiotherapy" has been created for the standard Out-patient Plans.

On the Gold Out-patient plan Allianz added benefits for "Prescribed drugs" and "Dietician fees". The "Routine health checks" on the Gold and Silver Out-patient Plans has been renamed "Health and wellbeing checks", which now covers additional tests. So for example, members with a Gold Out-patient Plan now have cover for investigations into genetic pre-disposition for breast and ovarian cancer.

New Guides and Terms

Allianz has updated the wording in their policies to reflect the recent improvements. In order to make thing easier for clients, Allianz has redesigned the standard Benefit Guides with shorter and more concise documents whilst retaining all of the content that forms the terms and conditions of cover. This friendlier guide has the most commonly referenced information at the back in a "Quick Start Guide". Group clients with a tailored benefit guide will also have the option of changing to the new format.

Updated premium zones

Allianz Worldwide Care divides its global coverage into several different "premium zones", where the health insurance premiums vary from area to area.

Some recent changes have been made to premium zones. Germany moved from "H" zone to "N" zone, Algeria moved from "L" to "J" zone, and Thailand and Vietnam move from "H" zone to "G" zone with more than a dozen other countries. 

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