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InterGlobal UltraCare in 2014: New Benefits & Cheaper Premiums

InterGlobal has recently reviewed its UltraCare plans, awarding its clients with expanded benefits and exceptional premium adjustments.

InterGlobal has recently reviewed its UltraCare plans, awarding its clients with a few expanded benefits and exceptional premium adjustments.Who is InterGlobal? 

InterGlobal is an award winning insurance company, specializing in international private medical insurances (IPMI) for expatriate and high-end clients around the world. Since being founded in 1998, InterGlobal has grown and now has a well-established presence in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. For its international clients, individuals or families, the company offers the UltraCare plan with worldwide coverage and four levels: Standard, Select, Comprehensive and Elite.

UltraCare was already a very good plan with first-class service for main healthcare concerns such as surgery, cancer treatment and emergency evacuation. The plan also had great benefits that cover prescription drugs. However, in this highly competitive IPMI market, the UltraCare plan is now becoming even more attractive with the recent changes to benefits and premiums.

Adjusted premiums

Each year, IPMI providers need to check their premiums according to the rising cost of medical care; the general industry benchmark is an increase of 10%. However, this year, two of the UltraCare plans have not seen an increase, but rather a decrease in premiums! Starting on January 2014, the UltraCare Select plan will see a premium decrease of 15%. Moreover, the Standard and Comprehensive plans will only increase by 5%. Finally, the Plus and Elite plans merged into one – now called "Elite" – with a premiums increase of 10%, around the industry average.

In a world with constant inflation of medical costs, such low adjustments overall are a rarity and a challenge for insurers. Even so, InterGlobal is showing that it is possible to keep premiums affordable and, at the same time, improve service and the overall scope of the IPMI plans.

Increased limits

InterGlobal has also increased the overall plan limits for UltraCare, expanding levels of cover for out-patient treatment and improving provisions for the treatment of cancer. The overall limit on the Standard plan has increased from US $850,000 (€750,000) to US $1,500,000 (€1,200,000) annual maximum. The Select plan limit increased from US $1,275,000 (€1,125,000) to US $2,500,000 (€2,000,000). The Comprehensive plan limit will be US$4,000,000 (€3,200,000) annual maximum – whereas before it was US $1,700,000 (€1,500,000). Finally, the Elite plan annual limit increased from US $3,400,000 (€3,000,000) to US $5,000,000 (€4,000,000).

As a result of the above changes, all the UltraCare plans are much more comprehensive than before. For example, the lifetime limit for chronic condition maintenance on out-patients plans has increased from US $68,000 to US $75,000 on the Select plan; from US $85,000 (€75,000) to US $150,000 (€120,000) on the Comprehensive plan, and from US $102,000 (€90,000) to US $300,000 (€240,000) on the Elite plan.

The benefits of out-patient physiotherapy, out-patient complementary medicine and out- patient traditional Chinese medicine enhanced on the three more comprehensive plans. benefits increased on the Select plans, from US $1,275 (€1,125) to US $1,500 (€1,200), on the Comprehensive plan, from US $1,700 (€1,500) to US $2,000 (€1,600), and on the Elite plan, from US$5,100 to US$5,500 with no changes to euro benefit limit or to out-patient physiotherapy.

100% cover for in-patient cancer treatment

Starting in January 2014, the outpatient treatment post-hospitalization will now pay in full up to the maximum plan limit for up to 90 days on UltraCare Select, Comprehensive, and Standard inpatient only plans. The outpatient pre-operative tests will be a separate benefit on the Standard plans with a limit up to US $1.000 (€800). Also, the UltraCare Standard plan will pay in full for out-patient surgical procedures and will pay up to US $750 (€600) for post-hospitalization out-patient physiotherapy. Neither of these two benefits were covered on the plan before.

For cancer treatment under in-patient treatment,all levels cover oncology in full up to the maximum annual limit, regardless of type of cancer treatment. This means that all cancer diagnosed as a chronic or terminal medical condition will now be paid in full. All excesses have been removed on cancer care, whereas before, these treatments had a lifetime limit, according with each plan.

The UltraCare plans have three areas of cover: in Europe only, worldwide excluding the USA, and worldwide including the USA. For the changes set to take effect in January 2014, there is a benefit limits increase for emergency out of area (not covered by the Standard plan). The limit will increase on the UltraCare Select plan from US $34,000 (€30,000) to US $40,000 (€32,000), on Comprehensive plans from US $51,500 (€45,000) to US $70,000 to (€56,000), and on the Elite plan from US $59,000 (€52,500) to US $100,000 (€80,000).

The hormone replacement therapy benefit was removed on the Standard and Select plans and the compassionate emergency visit was removed on the Select plan.

New Benefits

The UltraCare plans also added some new benefits. The Comprehensive level now includes dental check-up. All the out-patient plans will pay the terminal care in full, except for the Standard level which do not cover this treatment. The congenital abnormalities benefit was added on the UltraCare Comprehensive (up to US $35,000) and the Elite level (up to US $50,000). The Elite level plan will also cover one sight and one hearing examination.

The UltraCare Comprehensive plan now will cover in-patient psychiatric treatment up to US $10,000 (8,000), up to 30 days period with a 12 months waiting period. However, the out-patient psychiatric treatment was reduced from US $8,500 (shared with general out-patient benefits) to a separate benefit limit of US $2,000 (€1,600). There will be asimilar adjustment forpsychiatric treatments under the UltraCare Select plan, where there will be a separate benefit limit up to US $1,000 (€800).

With the UltraCare plans, clients can also 1) receive the service of red24's AdviceLine at no additional cost, 2) add optional benefits for travel, personal accident and maternity clients, and 3) opt for excess – to enjoy savings on their premium. On the Elite plan, the voluntary excess was previously unavailable but will be available in January 2014. The Travel add-on plan, which is optional in all the UltraCare plans, will be included for free on the Elite level plan.

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