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Now Health launches new direct billing service for maternity

International medical insurance provider, Now Health International, has extended out-patient direct billing for maternity benefits on group plans.

The medical insurance provider, Now Health International has announced a new out-patient direct billing service for maternity benefits on group client plans. This service will help to ensure that clients will not have to pay any out of pocket expenses, particularly if they have chosen a nil excess or direct billing option.

Now Health currently offers to companies their "WorldCare" option, a recently launched range of international health plans specifically designed to meet the demands of today's market. From basic in-patient only coverage to fully comprehensive plans, including considerably high levels of Dental and Maternity treatment when considering the competitive premiums they provide, Now Health offers the following options for group plans: WorldCare Essential, WorldCare Advance, WorldCare Excel and WorldCare Apex.

The new direct billing service for medical history disregarded (MHD) group clients will be available for several packages – Advance, Excel and Apex – and will help to ensure they are offering the best possible servicing standards for their clients.

What is out-patient direct billing?

Out-patient treatments are medical treatments or surgeries provided in a clinic, hospital or in the practice of a specialist or general practitioner which the patient does not require an overnight stay in a medical facility. Examples of these treatments include doctor's checkups or simple diagnostic tests, such as those received by women during pre-natal treatment.

A direct billing service allows that client's medical bills to be delivered directly to the insurer. Often this kind of service saves clients the hassle of the reimbursement process, especially when medical bills are complex and confusing for some costumers. The direct-billing gives a patient the ability to access medical providers without paying up-front.

It is important, however, to highlight that Now Health offers a fast and simple claims processing system by ensuring that eligible claims are processed in five working days. In fact, Now Health is recognized worldwide for providing a first class service, and they also don't outsource to a third party administrator to handle claim processing or similar functions.

Details of Now Health's direct billing service

The new out-patient direct billing service for routine maternity benefit will be up to US $7,000 for WorldCare Advance, as an additional option; with 20% co-insurance or without co-insurance.

The same service for WorldCare Excel will be up US $10,000, as an additional option and with no co-insurance.

The new out-patient direct billing service for maternity benefit will be also available for clients with the product WorldCare Apex. For this group plan the benefit will be up to US$15,000, with no co-insurance and covered as standard.

Now Health sees this new service as an "enhancement" that will make it easier for pregnant clients to seek medical care. If a client has valid cover and nil co-insurance, the client can access treatment within the always growing provider network from Now Health without paying anything.

Even though this company is relatively new in the international health insurance market, Now Health is characterized for an extraordinary service platform for clients – the primary reason why the company has been extremely competitive in this demanding global market. Now Health is able to able to provide this quality service because of their experienced and specialized staff and an excellent network of healthcare providers.

Now Health's great stability and reliance, reflected in the wide acceptance of its insurance products around the world, has been due in part to their global underwriting partner, AXA, the Europe's No. 2 insurer and a part of the top 100 Best Global Brands. AXA has 102 million clients worldwide, €86.1 billion in revenues and €3.9 billion in underlying earnings. AXA is a company with more than 50 years of combined management experience in healthcare and an assistance network with 31,700 local service providers worldwide available 24x7.

A new membership card

In order to take advantage of this new service, clients will need a membership card.

Any new or renewal plan will have the benefit clearly displayed on the top right hand corner of their membership card alongside other out-patient benefits.

If a client's plan is a renewal with routine maternity benefits, he or she will also receive updated membership cards.

For clients with routine maternity benefits but without a renewal in the near future, the insurer will re-issue their membership cards mid-year.

When clients arrives for their appointments, they must show their membership cards and the medical providers will follow Now Health guidelines.

Specific medical providers

It should be noted that out-patient maternity care on a direct billing bases is available only in network of Now Health. So, before going to an appointment, the client must download the latest network list and find a medical provider to use.

Luckily, Now Health has an extensive and constantly growing network of providers worldwide. The updated list of out-patient direct billing has 1,633 medical facilities in the Middle East, Europe, Asia Pacific and Africa. Now Health is always adding new providers, and therefore it is important to check the list at the moment you need out-patient treatment.

For USA Elective Treatment option there is an additional network list.

Now Health has service centers in Hong Kong (headquarters), Shanghai, Dubai and the UK. The company is strategically placed to serve the main expat hubs and emerging markets. Recently, Now Health International won Best International Private Health Insurance Product at the 2013 Professional Adviser International Fund & Product Awards. According to a press release of the company, this recognition is in respect of the WorldCare proposition which has been designed to deliver top-end benefits in a way that's easy to understand.

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