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IHI Bupa Extends Coverage for Endoscopy, Maternity, and Medicines & Appliances

IHI Bupa has recently increased the benefit levels on endoscopic examinations, maternity, and medicines & appliances.

IHI Bupa's International Health and Hospital Plan (IHHP) is considered to be one of the most comprehensive plans on the market and is currently one the most popular health insurance plans in Asia, specifically in Hong Kong. However, it seems that the best is only getting better as IHI Bupa has recently increased the benefit levels on endoscopic examinations, maternity treatment, and medicines & appliances. The changes took effect on September 1. 


Endoscopic examinations are now covered under the inpatient plan, and the benefit amount has increased from US $1,000 per examination to "full coverage up to US$ 2,000,000 per year" under the Hospital Plan. This benefit was previously only covered under the outpatient module up to US $850 per exam. Designed to match the rising cost of treatment and to ensure that the plans meet all clients' needs, this improvement is now available to any IHHP client even if he or she does not have the outpatient module. Considering that the cost of an endoscopy can reach over US $2,500, this update will help ease the financial burden of a client in many cases.


The cover for treatment relating to childbirth has also been extended for both outpatient and inpatient maternity treatment.

For outpatient maternity treatment ( the Hospital Plan + Module 1 Non-Hospitalisation Benefits) the benefit of a normal delivery, including complications, elective C-section delivery, and pre/post-natal treatment for mother and child, has been increased from US $11,000 per delivery to US $12,100 per delivery. Alternatively, if the client is medically prescribed a caesarean section, the IHHP will cover an extra amount of US $3,300. For delivery/C-section following fertility treatment (excluding all pre/post-natal treatment for mother and child), the benefit has increased from current US$8,000 to US$8,800.

For inpatient maternity treatment, the benefit of a normal delivery has increased from US $6,500 per delivery to US $7,150 per delivery. For emergency C-section/medically prescribed C-section, the benefit increased from US $7,150 to US $13,200 per delivery. With fertility treatment, the benefit amount has increased by US $500.

Medicines and Appliances

IHI Bupa has also improved cover for medicines and appliances, extending the previous US $2500 per year to US $3,000 per year. ihi Bupa has employed changes to accommodate for the rising costs brought on by advanced medication becoming more readily available.

About the IHHP

IHI Bupa's IHHP plan is characterized by a customer driven focus, good benefits and hassle free claims. Even more, by employing a midyear upgrade instead the normal IHI practice of a yearly premium adjustment, the insurer has gone the extra mile to ensure these increased benefits are available for all IHHP clients immediately.

The IHHP gives clients both flexibility to create an affordable insurance plan and the freedom to receive treatment anywhere in the world. The core module of the plan is the Hospital Plan, and the client can then add any of four healthcare modules and one of the deductible options to create the best combination. The plan offers lifetime guaranteed coverage, global care and medication, cover regardless of occupation or hobby, and cover for two children under the age of ten at no extra cost.

About IHI Bupa

IHI Bupa is licensed in Copenhagen as a provider of worldwide medical insurance and is one of the foremost leaders in providing health insurance to people residing outside of their home country. The insurer prides itself on high levels of customer service, and in 2006, IHI Bupa developed an online policy administration service to better help policyholders file claims and manage their plans. Ihi is constantly introducing new products and updating existing plans so that the client can be assured that they are receiving the best cover available.

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