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Aetna Taking Great Strides in the IMPI World

The health insurance provider Aetna has recently made several strong developments in the IMPI industry with a change in leadership, expansion of activities in the Middle East, and giving clients the ability to manage their medical insurance plans online.

The health insurance provider Aetna has recently made several strong developments in the IMPI industry with a change in leadership, expansion of activities in the Middle East, and giving clients the ability to manage their medical insurance plans online.


Aetna reveals new leadership

Richard di Benedetto has recently been appointed as the head of Aetna International. Di Benedetto previously served as CEO for Euromedic International, one of Europe's largest private medical services providers in the field of Diagnostics Services, Laboratories and Cancer Treatment. Prior to his role with Euromedic, di Benedetto spent 15 years with GE Healthcare.

Aetna's news release states, "Under Richard's leadership, Aetna International will continue to take the next steps to put us firmly in the forefront of the health care solutions industry and expand our ever-growing global footprint". As a seasoned executive of the industry, di Benedetto seems well suited to lead Aetna's expansion efforts into the future.


Aetna forms strategic alliance with Taquniya

Aetna been expanding in the Middle East through a new strategic alliance with The Company for Cooperative Insurance (Tawuniya). This new arrangement will allow Aetna to provide health care benefits and services to Saudi citizens, either in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or abroad, and to foreign nationals living in the Kingdom.

According to Aetna, this multifaceted relationship will use the strengths of both companies and offer customers living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia quality health care cover, programs and services to better manage their health, and access to extensive networks of health care providers around the world, among other benefits.

As part of the alliance, Tawuniya is providing cooperative cover in the Kingdom for 80,000 Saudi students when they are back home. Aetna also provides cover for them in the United States while they are attending college or graduate school on scholarships provided by the Saudi Arabia Cultural Mission.

The relationship also offers a joint approach to Tawuniya's global coverage for the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Tawuniya's members will be able to have access to Aetna's global medical network of more than 100,000 hospitals and doctors outside of the U.S. and utilize Aetna's established international service platform. In addition, Aetna is providing Tawuniya with reinsurance as well as product development consulting. Members of Aetna and Tawuniya will be serviced through Aetna's Arabic-speaking call center in Dubai.

This expansion in the Middle East is an expected move for Aetna as this is where the company has experienced tremendous success. In fact, Aetna International was named "Health Insurer of the Year" for 2013 by MENA Insurance Review (MIR). MIR praised Aetna's rapid growth in the Gulf region and iits devotion to improving the health of its clients. . Last year, Aetna increased its medical portfolio in the UAE by 35 percent.

In addition to the award from Mena Insurance Review, Aetna International was also awarded second place in the medical insurance category at the Dubai-based Interactive Insurance Brokers LLC annual "Most Preferred Insurance Company" awards for 2012.

With the appointment of Aetna's new president, Richard di Benedetto, there is a question of whether the new leadership can help Aetna replicate their success in the Middle East in other areas like Asia and Europe.


New online service for Aetna clients

In accordance with Aetna's future expansion, the insurer is providing its members with a new online service for managing their health benefits. The Aetna website contains a variety of personalized tools and resources, and the company has now developed a new interactive demo to help members make the most of it.

The demo show members how to register or locate international health providers and highlights resources such as city health profiles and tools for travel and translation. The website is also introducing "Nick", a new Virtual Benefits Assistant tool designed for helping members learn about the support tools and resources available to them. "Nick" can assist with submitting a claim, preparing for a trip or move, finding a healthcare provider, or just learning the basics.


Aetna to become a strong player in Qatar

Aetna also announced that it will take part in a new Health Insurance Program in Qatar. The National Health Insurance Company (NHIC) of Qatar has appointed Aetna to support development of its capabilities for disease management and advanced analytic reporting.

With 35 years of experience in global markets and more than 500,000 members worldwide, Aetna has a history of taking a unique and holistic approach to healthcare by not only providing medical insurance, but also by offering specific health and wellness schemes to companies. Such schemes are intended help monitor their employees' health and also advise on how to both maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent illness.

Taking that in mind, Aetna will provide NHIC with a range of health management services, including clinical case management and disease management.

As part of its health care system reform, the Qatari government announced the formation of NHIC, the company that will manage the country's health care insurance system. Qatari insurance company Al Khaleej Takaful has been appointed as the third party administrator for NHIC to handle essential administrative processes and support its capabilities. Aetna has been named one of two exclusive subcontractors.

Qatar's universal health care coverage program will be launched in five stages and is expected to be fully operational for Qatari citizens, expatriates and visitors in 2015. With Qatar reentering the global spotlight as the future host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Aetna has been placed in an interesting and convenient position.

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