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Faster Service with Now Health's Intermediaries Online

Pacific Prime clients will be experiencing even faster service as Now Health will soon be launching Intermediaries Online, a system that will reduce the time it takes to get a client on an insurance plan.

Pacific Prime and Now Health are excited to push the client experience to a new level with the pending launch of Now's Intermediaries Online (IOL). Though Now's service is already well-praised, IOL will drastically cut down a client's wait time and reduce pressure from the admin teams at both PPI and Now. 

What is IOL?

IOL is an online portal that intermediaries are given access to that allows new policy information to be directly updated onto Now's internal system. Is is a system that has been designed to dramatically speed up the time taken to get clients on an international insurance plan. IOL is a procedure that's designed to work well into the future. It's designed to meet increasing demand in all industries with a faster time response from the "click and buy" generation. 

With IOL, intermediaries will essentially be inputting the details of a client's application onto Now's internal system on their admin team's behalf, whereas before, each company would need to put the details on its own internal system and contact each other via email correspondence – double the work.

Why is IOL faster?

Now was able to accomplish this development by looking at previous email correspondence processes and finding any points where time could be reduced between both the intermediary and the insurer, even if that means that they take on the other side's work.

Think of the administrative work needed for application processing as being a line with many "Action Points" along the way. These action points are time-consuming actions needed to complete the application. Such actions can be something even as small as opening an email and checking the attachment. While each action might seem insignificant on its own, the minutes definitely add up when you take every action into consideration.

IOL Effectively cuts out many "action points" so that the workload is shared. The intermediary gets the application first from the client and must input the application into their own system. At the exact same 'point' in time the details are also updated on the insurer's system. By minimising the labour tasks, the wait time for the client is significantly shortened.

Inputting application details is not only advantage however. IOL allows the intermediary to get plan details, make quotes, keep track of clients' status, and make payments instantly, reducing significant to benefit everyone involved.

About Now Health

Now Health, one of the newest insurers on the international market, has achieved success by using innovative administrative procedures to elevate the customer experience. The advantage of being new is that it allows for innovation; Now Health are not tied down or entrenched in archaic methods. Rather than being chained to the past like many of its competitors, Now have been able to learn from it. The people at Now have a depth of experience which has allowed them to adapt their plans to the requests of today's market and provide an outstanding client experience.


Pacific Prime's analysts believe that many international insurers will follow this method in the future as instant purchase satisfaction becomes the norm. Pacific Prime and Now Health are both eagerly anticipating the launch of Intermediaries Online and gauging the inevitable market reaction.

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