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InterGlobal Clients Provided with Extra Protection via Red24 as Global Security Fears Rise

Posted on Feb 28, 2013 by Sergio Ulloa ()

As insurance companies look to expand their services to stay competitive in the ever-expanding health insurance industry, InterGlobal have established a new partnership with Red24, an expert in providing international safety and security solutions. Pacific Prime customers under plans with InterGlobal now have access to even more services with their plans, as the new partnership allows InterGlobal customers free access to much of Red24's services.

Red 24 specializes in providing travel and safety advice for people all over the world, be it in the event of a natural disaster, political unrest or any other life-threatening event. Their top priority is providing information and resources for the general safety of clients while they are abroad. InterGlobal's new partnership with Red24 demonstrates the insurers' commitment to not only making sure customers are well covered medically, but making sure that their safety and overall needs are also being met.

Red24 is a global security assistance specialist providing security solutions to corporate or individual members that are looking to minimize the safety risks for themselves, their families and employees while they are outside of their home country. The crux of Red24's services can be found on the member website, which provides general safety advice for people whether they are residing at home or in a place away from home. In the event of a natural disaster, political unrest or other potentially dangerous situations, Red 24 provides support and assistance with their security network of more than 400 highly trained and multi-disciplined staff.

Along with providing their medical evacuation benefit, InterGlobal now offers all customers with access to Red24's extensive online resources with its international AdviceLine. This service provides some of the most up-to-date information in regards to travel safety in more than 180 countries. Customers will be able to log on to the site, enter their destination and receive a comprehensive report on any of the safety issues that may be affecting that area or country. The report's information includes crime, terrorism, conflict, political unrest, kidnap risk and general infrastructure. In addition, the reports provide current information about specific events or areas that may be of particular importance.

Another service from Red24 is their home security advice, which includes information on how to prevent identity theft, safety tips for online shopping, personal property and home security advice, conflict management, natural and environmental hazards, security advice for women and other areas that are closer to home.

Customers under InterGlobal's Comprehensive, Elite or Plus plans will also be able to access more advanced services with Red24, including the ActionResponse service. This service provides on-the-ground support from one of Red24's more than 400 specialists and also evacuation services, should customers be faced with a natural disaster, political unrest or other dangerous situations.

One example of how Red24 has assisted their clients was when two UK expatriate employees working in Valencia, Venezuela, were held at gunpoint in August 2010. In this high-stress situation, the pair had all their belongings stolen, including their passports. While they were startled by the event, they were unharmed. Upon first receiving a call from the employer, Red24 contacted the pair to make sure that they were safe and unharmed. Soon after, a Red24 specialist traveled to Valencia from a nearby city to assist the two employees with obtaining new emergency passports and arranging flights back to the UK. The Red24 specialist accompanied the pair throughout the ordeal, even up until they boarded the plane to go back home.

A more extreme situation where Red24 was able to come to the assistance of clients and non-clients was after the Mumbai terrorist attacks in November 2008. Immediately following the event, Red24 contacted their clients in the region by SMS and email asking them to contact Red24. From there, Red24 was able to provide the necessary services, including emergency evacuation to a safer city. This was an all-out international undertaking, with coordination from the head office in the UK. Red24 even provided non-clients assistance in ensuring others' safety and wellbeing. Clients who had plans to travel to the region were notified via SMS and email of updates of the situation and the safety status of the area.

There are four main ways in that Red 24 is able to provide the best in safety advice to their clients around the world. These include:

  • City Safety advice - Providing city guides with advice about dangerous districts of a foreign city.

  • Cultural Pointers - Comprehensive resources about social norms in differing countries, more specifically on what to wear in meetings and how to greet associates in specific countries, such as those in the Middle East.

  • Avoiding Major Natural Hazards - Updates and information about severe weather conditions in areas, including typhoon prone countries in South East Asia.

  • Assistance in Life threatening situations - On-the-ground assistance in the event of political unrest, kidnap, natural disaster or other dangerous and life-threatening situations.

The expatriate lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular and more and more companies are sending employees on international assignments. With this increase comes the need for more comprehensive assistance in the areas of safety and security, especially for those who may be living or traveling to areas where there is unrest, religious fundamentalism and general concerns for one's well being. InterGlobal is leading the way for health insurance companies as they look to expand their scope of coverage and services beyond medical needs and show concern for customers' overall well being.
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