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[INFOGRAPHIC] International and Private School Insurance Solutions

Essential and recommended insurance solutions for private and international schools worldwide.

school insurance infographic

There are a number of risks that can threaten a private and international school's reputation, financial stability, and ability to educate their students. These risks can come from unexpected places including natural disasters, accidents, crime, vandalism, and cyber attacks, among many others. With the COVID-19 pandemic in the mix, it’s also no surprise that the risks schools face are amplified. 

Even more than any other type of business, schools need to be extra vigilant when it comes to the integrity of their people, property, and systems in light of these risks. One unfortunate situation can dramatically impact the reputation and trust a school has built with parents, students, and key stakeholders. 

The International and private school insurance solutions infographic showcases the most common types of insurance plans recommended for educational institutions. This is based on Pacific Prime’s 20+ years of experience in advising global educational institutions on their business insurance options. The infographic is an introduction to Pacific Prime’s free resource, the School Insurance Guide 2021, which outlines what you should know about school insurance in greater detail.

Get your copy of our School Insurance Guide 2021 today!

Pacific Prime’s recently released School Insurance Guide 2021 leverages our team’s extensive knowledge in the industry to highlight the most essential insurance solutions for international and private schools.

Download our complimentary guide to gain access to a detailed description of each insurance solution mentioned in our infographic, as well as thorough advice on when and how to obtain these solutions for your educational institution. Our guide has a number of key questions answered, such as:

  • What is school insurance?

  • How do I understand and identify my school's options?

  • How does my school compare quotes between providers?

  • What are the benefits of structuring school insurance with the help of an expert broker?

Our expert insurance advisors at Pacific Prime work tirelessly to identify client needs and concerns and match them with solutions that can be flexible and bespoke. Whatever questions about insurance you may have, rest assured that our team is here to advise you. Contact us today for a chat about what our team can do for your school, or head over to our Prime Guides section for more useful resources regarding structuring business and medical insurance plans.

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