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Find out about the cost of International Health Insurance in 2018

Learn about which countries you can expect to pay the most for your international health insurance in, and the reasons why prices are heading in the direction they are.

This year’s report is the fourth edition of it since our team prepared the first Cost of International Health Insurance report in 2015. We hope that over the year these reports have been deemed useful to our clients worldwide in planning their private health insurance budgets. In this year’s report we have found that across all locations, insurers, and demographics, the average cost of health insurance ranges from USD 6,201 to USD 23,120. The leading most expensive location for IPMI plans is (unsurprisingly) again the United States. The least expensive country to buy international health insurance in 2018 in is Angola. Our report provides you with an in-depth look at the major findings mentioned above. You can also find a comprehensive breakdown of each country's average cost of health insurance (overall and by demographic) in our full report Appendixes section. Download our Cost of International Health Insurance – 2018 report today to get access to this detailed information.

About COHI Report 2018 infographic

Not everyone likes reading extensive and detailed reports, and that’s why this year we have also prepared an easy-to-digest infographic that showcases the key findings from the Cost of Health Insurance 2018 report. This infographic presents only a fraction of the data included in the full report, but it is a good overview on the below topics:

  • Average cost in USD for International Health Insurance around the world

  • Key findings from this year’s analysis, including:

    • Which countries moved up in the 2018 ranking of the most expensive locations to buy health insurance in?

    • By how much are US plans more expensive than the countries in the world?

    • On which continents are you most likely to pay higher premiums?

    • Are onshore plans significantly cheaper than offshore plans?

    • Where did premiums decrease?

  • The average price for an International Health Insurance plan divided into three demographic categories:

    • Plans for Individuals

    • Plans for Families

    • Average cost of Plans

Yes, even though we have covered some of the most significant findings in this infographic, the fact is that there is so much more to it within the report: The answers to all the ‘whys’ stemming from the key findings, and an in-depth analysis that can only be found inside the Cost of International Health Insurance 2018 report.

Cost of Health Insurance Report 2018

Get your copy of Cost of International Health Insurance – 2018 today!

We hope you enjoyed our infographic, and we also hope that it made you hungry for more information on the trends and price analysis related to international health insurance. Download the Cost of International Health Insurance 2018 to unlock a wealth of health insurance insights and predictions, such as key drivers behind IPMI premiums.

In this year’s edition, we have added some extras to the report. The main addition is an introduction of a new CAGR of average premiums analysis by region, insurer and plan type. This analysis will tell you exactly how to prices have changed over the past four years, and what insurer in which country has seen the most significant increases or decreases. CAGR analysis will also help you determine the estimated cost of your international health insurance, and help you choose a stable insurer based on data. Be sure to download your copy of Cost of International Health Insurance 2018 today. It’s free of charge, and an essential read for anyone interested in health insurance.

Find even more of the latest data on insurance industry trends, as well as resources about various medical issues, from our website’s Prime Guides section. If you’d like to get an answer to a specific question regarding your current or future medical plan, do not hesitate to contact us any time. Our team of experienced insurance advisers is ready to answer any of your health insurance questions and provide you a plan comparison and quotations free of charge.

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