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Business/Group Plan Testimonial

Here you can find testimonials from Pacific Prime’s group insurance clients. Call or contact us today if you are interested in group insurance plans.

In order to help you understand our customer service and professionalism we have asked some of our group insurance corporate clients to give some feedback on their experiences whilst working with us. We believe this sort of International Health Insurance information is important to prospective clients, helping them to understand our reputation for service and professionalism. Please find listed below some of the comments we have received.

If you wish to contact directly a Group Insurance Company to verify our reputation we are happy for you to do this. We understand that the internet is a very powerful tool but that it is sometimes impersonal and difficult to evaluate the quality of company that you want to work with. We believe the more International Health Insurance information that you have the better.

We are confident that when you speak with our staff you will be impressed by their knowledge and professionalism, however, if you wish to do some more research on us then we can refer you to some of the worlds leading International Companies who already work with us and who will be happy to relay their experience to you.

Our Corporate Clients List:


We have been using the services of Pacific Prime as our medical insurance broker since the last 4 years.

During this period they always have in a very professional way assisted us in the choice of our medical and life insurances for our expatriates employees here in China and the definition of the differet levels of cover we needed for our exployees (senior managers or middle management and their dependants)

Pacific Prime office in Shanghai has alwasys provided us with the higest level of service in administrating our group scheme: as well for the enrollment of the new exployees then for the handling of the claims. It is especially in the latter that their professionalism and disponibility has been the more appreciate by our employees and by our HR Department.

We highly recommand Pacific Prime services as we are totally happy to work with them thanks to their professionalism, their willingness in answering our questions and mainly thanks to their stability that gives us the certainty that gives us the certainly of a long them high level service.

-- Johnney Zhou, HR Office, L'Oreal (China) Co. Ltd.


Pacific Prime is our insurance broker since September 2005.

Pacific Prime has handled our medical and life insurances for our expatriate staff in Shanghai. They have greatly helped us throughout the entire process o selection, application and completion of our expatriates' insurance plans.

Once the set up stages were completed, Pacific Prime continued to provide us with excellent service in our claims administration and in finding suitable international medical facilities in Shanghai . Thanks to their full range of products, services and network in the health industry, Pacific Prime has been able to assist to respond to all our queries.

Pacific Prime is an excellent one stop shop and I would strongly recommend their services to other companies.

-- Judy Lin, HR Manager
Remuneration & Expatrates Management
Unilever China


Pacific Prime is the insurance advisor for the Medical Benefits program at the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. Pacific Prime was awarded the position following an extensive request for proposal process which included bids from four viable candidates. All proposals were subject to rigorous review by AmCham with input and assistance from the Chamber's members and leadership.

Pacific Prime was selected as insurance advisor and broker because they offered the best options and flexibility for our members and provided a long term strategy for the program's growth. The wealth for our members and provided a long term strategy for the program's growth. The wealth and clarity of information presented in their proposal was unmatched and their pricing was transparent. Furthermore, Pacific Prime has ample staff in Shanghai to assist our 3000 plus members, efficient software to manage clients, and solid experience with major multinational companies.

Since taking over administration of the Medical Benefits Program on November 1, 2005, Pacific Prime has shown the utmost professionalism, both in dealing with our members and office staff. Their staff has worked diligently to ensure a successful start to our program and have met every expectation thus far.

I have no reservation recommending the medical broker services of Pacific Prime to any individual or company.

-- Brenda Lei Foster, President
The American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai


Pacific Prime is our medical insurance broker.

They have provided us with excellent customer support all the way through: from the initial setting up of our group scheme, to the handling of new applications in the scheme all the way to the claims handling of our expatriate staff.

Their effiient service and professional advice have helped us in making an informed decision. We have recently renewed our expatriate medical policies with Pacific Prime .

-- Financial Director, Ubisoft Shanghai


We have been working with Pacific Prime for the selection and maagement of our company medical plan. We currenyly have approaching 100 staff and dependents around Asia, principally in Hong Kong and China, we insured all our staff with William Russell.

We have always found the Pacific Prime and William Russel service to be professional and efficient. Pacific Prime consistently helps our human resources team with very quick service and transparent administration and premiums: new enrolment in the plan, cancellations, renewals, settlement of the premlums, invoicing and always been done to a very high standard.

We are happy to confirm that Pacific Prime has provided us with excellent customer support and assistance and would have no hesitation in recommending them to another company or individual.

-- Phillip Woolf, Operations Director, inProjects Ltd.


I confirm that our company has dealt with Pacific Prime since 2004. It is a reliable company which provides professional service. The staff are efficient and helpful. I can confidently recommend Pacific Prime as a solid & reliable company, and experts in their field.

-- Olivier Moeschler, Vice President
Kuoni Travel Ltd. - Hong Kong Branch

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