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Which MEC insurance solution is right for me?

Selecting healthcare coverage can be tricky, but Pacific Prime has the solutions for any ACA compliance and international insurance needs.

As an expat, it is important to ensure you have adequate insurance coverage wherever you go, and Pacific Prime has a number of insurance solutions to match your situation:


Compliant Global MEC [+][-]

These plans are ideal for:



Americans abroad


You’re an American heading overseas who still needs an ACA-compliant health plan. Our solutions mean you can stay compliant with the MEC while having the flexibility to receive medical care anywhere in the world.



Non-Americans in the USA


You’re a foreign expat moving to the US. Being insured in the country with the most expensive healthcare in the world is one of the smartest decisions you’ll make when you move, and our plans can ensure you’ll still be covered when you head home or travel internationally.

Plan features:

Alarm clock

No need for short term insurance 


One single policy covers you both in the US and when you travel, so no need for separate travel coverage.


Tailored to your needs 


Our insurance plans have a range of cost share options and coverages that can be added to ensure you get what you need, and don’t pay for what you don’t.

Anytime clock

Enroll anytime 


There is no need to wait for the ACA open enrollment period with our plans.

Trusted global insurers icon

Trusted global insurers


You can be sure that our plans are sourced from trusted global health insurance companies with proven track records of quality service and care.

Continuous coverage

Continuous coverage, even if you move


Our international plans are as mobile as you are, so if you move outside the US you can stay covered and avoid problems like pre-existing conditions.

Help when traveling

Get help when traveling


Our insurers can help you anywhere, even when visiting an unfamiliar place.


Non-Compliant Global Plans [+][-]

These plans are ideal for:

Tick box on tax form


Americans and foreigners abroad who are required to pay US taxes


You’re either an American not required to have an ACA-compliant plan or you’re an American or foreign US taxpayer abroad who has decided you don’t need one. Our plans can help you get the coverage you need. If you’re liable for the individual shared responsibility payment, we can ensure you’re not paying more than you need to for global coverage.

Plan features:

Flexible plans

Greater product flexibility


Our non-compliant global plans have greater flexibility to better match your healthcare needs. If you don’t require coverage for healthcare in the US, don’t pay for it.

Cost savings

Greater product savings


Without the need to be ACA-compliant, we can find a wide range of prices to suit any situation - perfect for singles or those with a smaller budget.

Global Coverage

Comprehensive global coverage


All the benefits you would want from a comprehensive healthcare plan including inpatient and outpatient care, maternity coverage, prescriptions, tests, wellbeing programs, and more.

Trusted global insurers icon

Trusted global insurers


You can rest assured that our plans are from trusted global health insurers with proven track records of excellent service and care.

No USA address icon

No US address required 


Unlike compliant domestic or travel insurance plans, you won’t need a US address to apply for these plans.

Help when traveling

Get help when traveling 


Our insurers can help you anywhere, even when visiting an unfamiliar place.


Click here to learn more about our health insurers and partners.


If you’re not sure which type of plan might be right for you, visit our Affordable Care Act page to find out more. Otherwise, Fill out the form below to get a quote.

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