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What are your insurance options in the States?

There are a number of key questions that inbound expats will have to consider before weighing up your health insurance plan options.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all insurance plan. Before securing an international insurance plan that is best tailored to the needs of you and your family, inbound expats moving to the US will need to consider a few key questions before you weigh up your coverage options and look at the insurance solutions available. You can click on the [+] in each of the sections below for further information on each of the considerations.


Are you or will you be required to file US taxes? [+][-]

All US taxpayers are required to maintain some level of coverage that meets the Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC). This not only applies to US citizens and legal US residents but also applies to resident aliens and non-resident aliens. However, some people are exempt from requiring an ACA compliant plan. To find out if you are exempt from the ACA, please visit our eligibility criteria page.


What is your income and family size? [+][-]

Your income and family size should all be taken into consideration when securing a plan. The general rule is that the higher your income and family size, the higher your potential penalties will be if you don’t secure an ACA compliant plan.


Do you qualify for tax subsidies? [+][-]

It is important to check whether or not you qualify for tax subsidies. Inbound expats are typically not eligible for subsidies when they’re on a US domestic international private health insurance plan.  

Do you or will you travel out of the US? [+][-]

Will you be traveling abroad frequently? The amount of time you spend outside of the US will also help to determine what kind of plan is best suited to you.


Can you afford costs that exceed your coverage limits? [+][-]

Depending on your healthcare needs, different people will require different coverage limits. Different plans have varying levels of maximum coverage so it will also be worth considering if you can afford the costs that exceed your coverage limit.


Do you have children in US Universities? [+][-]

If you have dependents under the age of 26 who are enrolled in US Universities, it is important to note that they are also required to be covered by an ACA compliant plan.

Now that you have addressed the various key considerations, it’s time to look at the coverage options available. Click the button below to view your options.  


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