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Inbound Compliance Scenario

Sometimes the best way to learn is by example, and if are moving to the United States, learning from another’s example can be extremely valuable. Here, Pacific Prime looks at a how one family has coped with the ACA and health insurance.

When it comes to moving to and becoming legally insured in the United States, there are a few major aspects that should be focused on. These include:

  • Family Situation: This takes into consideration a given family’s income, existing relatives in the United States, travel history, current insurance plans, expected length of stay in the US, and future travel plans.

  • Considerations: These include the costs of fines, company or university provided health insurance plans, specific benefits that are needed, eligibility for government subsidies for health insurance, and what plans cover outside of the United States.

  • MEC Compliance: This includes costs of MEC compliant plans versus global plans that are not MEC compliant and benefits related to MEC compliance.


Family of four

Let’s examine a specific case of a family moving to the United States from abroad:

Family Situation

  • Family of four

  • Combined household income of $200,000

  • One child in high school and another in elementary school

  • History of frequent international travel

  • No employer provided insurance plan

  • Planning on being in the United States for many years

  • Plan to return to home country regularly


  • Annual cost of penalties for non-compliance = $3,250

  • Child in high school may be required to have an ACA compliant plan to attend university

  • Family requires outpatient care and wellness benefits

  • Family is not eligible for government subsidies

  • Comparable domestic plans only provide emergency care when abroad

MEC Compliance

  • Cost of MEC compliant plan is comparable to non-compliant international plan


Q: Is a Pacific Prime International Health Insurance plan right for this family?

A: Yes!

Looking at the particulars of the family in question, they are ideal candidates for Pacific Prime’s ACA compliant International Health Insurance plans. Not only will such a plan eliminate any penalties that may be incurred as a result of not being properly insured and eliminate the need for additional health insurance policies beyond the first, this family spends quite a bit of time outside of the US, so they will have comprehensive medical coverage no matter where in the world they find themselves.

If it seems like our ACA compliant International Health Insurance plans are right for you and your family too, submit your details using the form on the right side of this page in order to get more information on available plans and pricing. Get a free quote today!

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