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Where can I use my Maternity Health Insurance coverage and how can I add my newborn onto my existing plan

Where can I use my Maternity Health Insurance coverage and how can I add my newborn onto my existing plan


Hi. Is it possible to add a future child at a later stage on my existing health insurance plan? What treatments are claimable on a maternity health insurance policy? Can the treatment be received at the place of occurance, or only within the country of residence? 

Pacific Prime can offer maternity health insurance to individuals living in any area of the world. The maternity plans which we can provide will typically allow individuals to use their insurance coverage in any country of the world. This includes allowing policyholders the freedom to choose the doctor or hospital of their choice, irrespective of location. Pacific Prime is able to offer comprehensive international maternity health insurance options which will allow you to give birth in the country of your choice, and will be able to afford you coverage for an extensive range of policy benefits.

Maternity health insurance is highly recommended for individuals planning a family in the near future. The costs associated with having a child are highly expensive, particularly if there are unfortunate complications. Pacific Prime represent a large panel of 55 insurers which, in many cases, can tailor a maternity health insurance plan to suit your individual needs.

Expats typically prefer private health care facilities due to the high standard of care, and modern medical equipment, which may not be available within public facilities of the country they are residing in. If there are complications, such as a premature child birth, the appropriate medical equipment may not be available in the country or city you reside in. A maternity health care plan, which Pacific Prime can offer, will typically cover the costs to evacuate your child to a facility where the level of specialized care can be received.

Pacific Prime offer different levels of maternity coverage. When looking at coverage options we will assess you and your family's needs and help you find the policy which best meets your specific requirements. A typical maternity health insurance plan will cover a range of comprehensive benefits including:

Private or semi-private room
Pre and Post Natal care (examination and treatments)
Medically Prescribed Caesarian Section
Hospital delivery
Home delivery (Doctor/specialist, midwife, home nursing)
Complicated delivery
Delivery following fertility treatment

Pacific Prime can also offer a more comprehensive maternity health insurance plan which can include:

Fertility treatments
Congenital birth defects
Care of newborn child

A maternity health care plan can be added as an additional coverage option to your international health care plan. A standard plan will typically include comprehensive inpatient treatment as well as emergency evacuation and repatriation coverage. Additional coverage options are also available including, outpatient treatment and dental health insurance, as well deductible and geographic benefits.

It is important to note that a 'waiting period' is normally placed on a global health insurance policy’s maternity benefit. This means that you must have been enrolled in your policy for a certain amount of time before being able to claim for maternity related medical treatment. Treatment relating to maternity which has been received by the policyholder prior to the completion of the waiting period cannot be claimed for under the policy. Typical maternity benefit waiting periods will be between 10 and 12 months, and can be applied “from the start of the plan” or “until conception.” Once the waiting period is completed, the policy holder will be entitled to the benefits as outlined on their maternity health insurance plan.

In the event that you would like to protect the health of your child a “New Born Coverage” benefit may be applied to the policy. While there is a waiting period associated with this type of policy benefit, it is usually much shorter than the waiting period associated with maternity coverage; in some cases a New Born Child coverage benefit can be applied after a waiting period of as little as 6 months from the start of the plan. In the event that you choose to obtain New Born Child coverage you will normally have two options for the coverage of your child; may receive a “Free Benefit” for coverage under the policy, or the infant may be “Born Into The Plan.”

1. Free Benefit

A free benefit will cover the child's medical expenses up to a pre-determined time or financial limit. For continued coverage after the limit has been reached, the policy holder must submit an application to the insurer. A free benefit will not affect your annual policy premium, but it is important to be aware that the application for continuing coverage will be underwritten as a new policy by the insurance provider, and any pre-existing conditions may be excluded from coverage accordingly.

2. Born into the Plan

If you opt to have your child Born into the Plan, then they will be able to receive continuing healthcare for life, regardless of any medical conditions which they may have at birth. Once your child is born, simply inform the insurer to add them to your policy. It is important to note, however, that having your child born into an existing plan will significantly raise your annual premium.

For more information about Maternity Health Insurance Plans offered through Pacific Prime, or to receive a free global Health Insurance quote, please contact us today.

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