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When people get sick what does the government in Singapore offer them

When people get sick what does the government in Singapore offer them

When people get sick what does the government in Singapore offer them?

The public healthcare system in Singapore is divided into two coverage spheres, public and private. The public sphere is only eligible to Singaporean citizens. For expats, healthcare is offered through private health insurance. Singapore has a wide range of medical facilities and clinics available to citizens, residents and visitors. There are both public and private hospitals and clinics, and while the level of care is similar, the most efficient services are generally found at private hospitals. Many of the International Health Insurance plans that we offer at Pacific Prime will give you access to these private hospitals through their partnerships with local Singapore medical groups.

The quality of clinics and hospitals in Singapore rank among the best in the world. Citizens and non-citizens have access to Singapore’s 7 public hospitals, 12 private hospitals, 12 specialist clinics and 10 rehabilitation centers and hospices. It should be noted than Non-Residents in Singapore wishing to use the city-state’s public healthcare facilities will not be able to enjoy the subsidized treatment costs otherwise available to Singaporean permanent residents. Recent studies found that private practitioners provide 80 percent of primary healthcare services in Singapore, while government polyclinics provide the remaining 20 percent. However, public hospitals provide 80 percent of the more costly hospital care with the remaining 20 percent by private hospital care.

Healthcare is a top priority of the Singaporean government and as such they require that all citizens and residents pay a monthly percentage into a personal medical fund, this is to ensure that the individual has medical coverage in the event of an illness or injury. That fund, “Medisave” covers hospitalization, day surgery and certain outpatient expenses. Citizens will pay between 6.5-9 per cent (depending on age) of their monthly salary to their Medisave account, which can be accessed to pay for hospital bills of the individual or their immediate family members.

There are also two additional levels of support for Singaporean citizens in the event that their personal Singapore health insurance account is unable to pay for the healthcare that they require. The first is MediShield, which is used in the event of a catastrophic event to help citizens meet medical expenses from major illnesses or injuries. This was established in the event that an injury or illness could not sufficiently be covered by the amount in individuals’ Medisave accounts. MediShield is a deductible and co-insurance scheme. A "deductible" is the minimum amount that you would need to pay when you make a MediShield claim - the deductible applies on the claimable amount rather than the incurred hospital bill. The deductible is only required to be paid once in a policy year. The government of Singapore allows citizens to use their personal Medisave accounts to pay for the deductible. In many cases, payment by the patient for a portion of the claimable amount is required, with the remaining amount paid by MediShield.

Premiums for MediShield are kept low and affordable to encourage participation in the scheme. The annual premiums for MediShield range from S$33 for those below 30 years old to S$1,123 for those aged 84 to 85 years old. Those who join the scheme before age 60 will enjoy a premium discount from ages 71 to 85 years. The premium discount increases with every 10 years of MediShield membership.

The third option for healthcare is available to only the underprivileged in Singapore. Those without means can use Medifund, which is an endowment fund set up by the Singapore government as a safety net to ensure that the needy of Singapore are able to pay their medical expenses. However there is a restriction of the hospitals that can be used with Medifund.

Singapore’s hospitals are reputed to be clean and hygienic, and the high standard of English and level of education of their medical professionals makes it easily comparable with that of western countries. Medical care in Singapore is not cheap, especially if you are not a resident and therefore do not pay into a monthly health insurance fund to help subsidize the cost. Singapore Medical Insurance is thus very important for those expats working in Singapore.

At Pacific Prime we have a number of comprehensive Singapore Health Insurance plans that can cover most every need for expats living in Singapore. Our plans not only cover health care in Singapore but are also generally able to cover your medical expenses world wide. Many of our plans even allow the option to choose the doctor or hospital that you receive your medical care at, even if the doctor/hospital in question is outside of the insurer’s direct settlement network. In line with the transient lifestyle of expats based in Singapore, many of our insurers offer globally portable coverage, allowing you to take your insurance plan with you wherever your next job takes you. Several of the plans we offer are generally guaranteed to be renewable for life to give you the peace of mind with knowledge in the fact that your healthcare is protected for life.

Through private Singapore Medical Insurance you will be covered on a number of levels for your healthcare. Our team of experts is more than happy to help you set up a custom medical plan for your requirements while in Singapore. Some of the areas of cover that we can provide include:

Inpatient/Hospitalization Care

Outpatient Care

Maternity Insurance


Repatriation Coverage

Alternative Theory (including Traditional Chinese Medicine)

For more information about a Singapore Health Insurance plan, and to receive a free quote, please fill out the box at the top of the screen.

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