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What Philippines Health Insurance plans are available through Pacific Prime

What Philippines Health Insurance plans are available through Pacific Prime

Hi, My business partner will be moving to the Philippines for Employment. He is a Japanese National and would like to get medical insurance coverage in the Philippines. From what you offer which package is the best for him? Kindly let us know Jane


Here at Pacific Prime, we are able to offer international Philippines health insurance plans which could provide your business partner with a plan as comprehensive or basic as he requires to meet his personal insurance needs both inside and outside of the Philippines.

We would recommend selecting an international medical insurance plan as these will normally be guaranteed renewable for life and considered globally portable meaning that your partner could take his plan with him when returning to Japan, or indeed to most other countries across the globe.

Plans can include numerous insurance coverage benefits and the most comprehensive of our plans will normally include:

·In-patient care

·Out-patient care

·Routine Dental Treatment

·Emergency Medical Evacuations


·War and Terrorism Health Insurance

With a comprehensive expatriate health insurance plan in the Philippines, your partner could be given exceptional amounts of flexibility and can receive treatment with any hospital or doctor of his choice in the Philippines as well as having the option to return to Japan to receive treatment with his personal doctor should he wish to do so.

However, it may be the case that your colleague does not feel all these benefits are necessary and wants a more basic plan. While this is of course possible there are some benefits that, depending on your location, come highly recommended.

Healthcare facilities in the Philippines tend to become less frequent and more basic the further you move away from Manila and other largely populated areas. With an emergency medical evacuation benefit, your colleague could feel more secure in the knowledge that even if a medical emergency should happen to him that requires helicopter or airfare to a secondary location, that his plan could help cover the often extortionate costs of such medical services. In many cases the costs associated with an Emergency Medical Evacuation can easily reach US$ 100,00 or more, and consequently we recommend that this type of coverage is considered for inclusion in any global health insurance policy purchased through us.

Furthermore, the Philippines are found in an area prone to natural disasters and it is not uncommon for typhoons, floods and volcanic eruptions to strike the country without warning. If any incident should occur and affect your colleague while he is working in the Philippines, our plans should normally be able to help in this situation as well.

Here at Pacific Prime, we work with over 60 recognised International health insurance providers with most offering a wide range of international health insurance plans; companies we work with include AETNA, CIGNA, BUPA, IHI-BUPA, Allianz and many more. It should therefore not be a problem to help your partner find a suitable plan from one of these respected companies. Our website is constantly assessed and updated but if you still cannot find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our expert team of brokers and they can answer anymore questions you may have. What’s more, in most cases, it is actually possible for a broker to help you tailor a policy to meet your colleague’s personal requirements and create the perfect plan for him.

Health Insurance Premiums can be confusing to understand but the way they are calculated for international health insurance plans are relatively simple. Your colleague’s age and the area he wishes to receive coverage in, as well as any other optional benefits he chooses will be used as the main variables to calculate his total premium; the plans we work with will rarely use the policyholder’s claims history and experience as a premium factor. This is beneficial to the modern professional as it means your colleague’s previous claims history in Japan or else where will not have an impact on his new premium and he will simply be paying the same amount as those in his age and location bracket.

International health insurance plans do not limit you to the country you are relocating to. In fact, you can normally choose from two areas of coverage when selecting this part of a plan and these include either worldwide coverage or worldwide excluding the USA.
What if your partner hopes to move to the US one day? The reason most plans will offer an ‘excluding USA’ option is that healthcare costs in America are the most expensive in the world and can significantly increase your total premium so it is recommended that this country is excluded for the time being to help keep premiums at a manageable amount.

Pacific Prime stays on top of the latest news in the health sector around the world and you and your colleague can access more health and information on Philippines medical insurance by clicking the link.

Selecting the right plan can often be time consuming and confusing. The team at Pacific Prime aims to help people through this process and can work with your partner to select the best possible plan for him. For more information about the plans we have on offer today, click here to speak to a member of our skilled team directly or simply fill in the short request form at the top of this page and you will receive a free quotation as soon as possible.

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