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What is covered by International Health Insurance

What is covered by International Health Insurance


Please let me know if the insurance covers Surgical costs, hospitalization, dyalisis and medications. Also the annual fees. Thanks in advance. Antoine Bassili

International health insurance plans offered by Pacific Prime are designed to provide comprehensive medical protection to expatriates throughout the world. Policies we can provide are able to afford you a range of medical coverage benefits, and in many cases we can tailor the plan coverage to meet your specific healthcare needs.

All plans which we choose to work with will provide a core section of in-patient coverage benefits. This coverage will protect you in the event that you require hospitalization, and most plans will include out-patient surgical coverage as a component of this benefit. Typical In-patient coverage will include:

·Hospitalization Treatment

·Semi-Private and Private Hospital Rooms

·Out-Patient Surgery

·Ambulance Costs

·Surgery, Anesthetist and Operating theatre charges

·Organ Transplants

It is important to note that Pacific Prime works with more than 60 of the world’s leading insurance companies and that the specific coverage benefits will often change depending on the insurer which you choose to purchase a plan from. Conditions of coverage will vary between insurance providers, so it is important that you check exactly what is covered under a policy prior to enrolling in a plan.

Generally, an in-patient only policy will cover all necessary medical procedures where an overnight stay in a hospital is needed. However, this will typically not apply to pre-existing conditions which are usually excluded from the plan coverage. For more on Pre-existing medical conditions, please click here.

Aside from in-patient coverage, we can also arrange protection for a range of extended policy benefits, including:

·Out-patient Treatment


·Alternative Therapies

·Specialist Consultations

·Maternity Treatment

·Dental Treatment

·Emergency Evacuation Coverage.

If you are seeking coverage of prescription medications, these are usually covered under the Out-patient portion of a policy, and we would encourage you to look into the available Out-patient coverage options provided by Pacific Prime.

Plans which we work with will generally calculate the policy premium based on the policyholder’s age, and the plans geographical area of coverage. The reason for this is due to the fact that medical costs in certain locations around the world will be more expensive than in other locations. For example, the USA has the highest average medical costs on earth, and if you choose to exclude coverage in the USA from your plan, you will often be able to significantly lower your overall plan premium. Additionally, depending on the Deductible or Co-pay you choose to have on your plan you are also able to lessen the fees associated with your medical coverage.

If you would like to receive a free quote as to how much an international health insurance plan premium will be for you, simply complete the short quote form at the top of this page.

Policies which we offer will typically provide global coverage, allow you the choice of where and when you will receive your medical treatment, will be globally portable, and are often guaranteed renewable for life. We have a range of coverage options available from the best insurance companies on the planet, and as a broker we are legally obligated to represent your interests, and not those of the insurance companies we work with. Depending on your healthcare needs and long term life objectives, we can help to find the plan which is the best fit for you.

For more information about an international health insurance plan, please contact one of our dedicated advisors today.

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