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What international student health insurance options can you offer

What international student health insurance options can you offer

I am looking for Medical Insurance for all eventualities for my son who is going to start his university in KL next month as an International student. Please provide all options and complete details. Thank you

You have certainly come to the right place as here at Pacific Prime, International Student Health insurance is one of our specialities. Our expert team of brokers can provide you with numerous options for your son that can provide him with highly comprehensive levels of coverage for the duration of his studies in Kuala Lumpur.

Pacific Prime knows what it means to be an international student living abroad and all the expenses that can bring. Living away from home can be difficult for many students and so falling ill and having to deal with healthcare costs on their own can really be especially challenging and scary for students.
As a parent, sending your child off to university can be a proud moment but undoubtedly it comes with a certain amount of stress too. Pacific Prime can help lower these stress levels somewhat by providing affordable medical insurance for your son, even on a student’s budget. Therefore, if he should require medical assistance, he won’t have to worry about how he is going to afford it.

Student health plans offered by Pacific Prime will normally include coverage for:

- In-patient treatment

- Out-patient treatment

- Emergency dental coverage

- Emergency medical evacuation

Want to know a little bit about these benefits? No problem. In-patient coverage refers to any treatment that will require an overnight stay at a hospital or medical facility and will normally coverage room rates, anaesthetic fees and other surgical related costs.
Out-patient care refers to treatment outside of a hospital such as general practitioners’ fees, prescribed medicines and medical tests.

Emergency medical evacuation sounds extreme but if your son were to have a serious accident and would need to be transported to a capable hospital, or back to your home country, this type of coverage may be able to help cover the often extortionate fees associated with helicopter/flight costs.

These benefits should cover any common ailments and medical issues your son could encounter as a student as well as provide sufficient protection should any major health issue occur.

The international Student Health insurance plans that Pacific Prime can provide are available to full time students between 16 and 34 years of age who are studying outside of their home country. Most policies will run for 12 months but can be renewed after each year.

So how will the premium for your son’s insurance plan be calculated? This will depend on the location your son is studying in, and the specific benefits you wish to be included in his plan. To find out more about what benefits you can choose from and the exact premium, please get in touch with a member of our expert team of brokers and they will be happy to help you learn more.

With premiums come deductibles. Simply put, each insurance policy will come with its own set of deductibles and these are often put in place by the insurer to cover certain health risks or are voluntarily selected by the policyholder so as to reduce the overall cost of the premium.

Want to know a bit more about the latest news in the Malaysian health insurance market? Pacific Prime keeps abreast of all health related news and is constantly updating their information page to help you find out more about KL or any other worldwide destination.

To find out more about how Pacific Prime can help your son, please contact us and a member of our team can walk you through the often confusing process of selecting an appropriate plan. Alternatively, you can fill in the short request form at the top of this page and we will be in touch with the necessary information as soon as possible.

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