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What health insurance plan do you recommend for my wife and newborn baby

What health insurance plan do you recommend for my wife and newborn baby

I want to take out medical insurance for my wife and new born baby.

Pacific Prime can offer health insurance plans for families living in any country of the world. There are various health insurance plans available for families, all which will include coverage options for a range of medical treatments and benefits. Pacific Prime can work with you to find a health insurance plan that suits your family's healthcare needs, providing you with a detailed health insurance plan comparison. Policies we work with are typically guaranteed renewable for life, in addition to providing global coverage, being globally portable, and allowing you the freedom to choose where you receive your medical care.

All of the family medical insurance plans we work with will offer a “core” in-patient coverage component. This benefit is designed to protect you in the event that you need to be hospitalized, or are receiving medical treatment requiring an overnight stay in a medical facility. Family medical insurance in-patient coverage will usually include protection for:


Inpatient Treatments

Emergency Care

Outpatient Cover

Doctor Consultation

Diagnostic Tests


Emergency Repatriation and Evacuation

In addition to the in-patient coverage offered by the plans we work with, policy holders can opt for a range of extended coverage benefits, to maximize the level of healthcare and protection that is available to their family. Extended benefits which we can offer will typically include:

Maternity Cover

Comprehensive Inpatient Cover

Comprehensive Outpatient Cover

Dental Cover

Optical Cover

Complimentary Cover

Worldwide Cover

Families planning to have more children in the future are highly recommended to obtain a health insurance plan that includes coverage for Maternity care. Maternity Cover will typically afford you with a range of benefits including:

Prenatal Care

Post Natal Care

Normal Delivery

Prescribed Caesarian Delivery

Home Delivery

Delivery with complications

Delivery following fertility treatment

Health insurance companies will normally apply a waiting period before the policy holder is entitled to their Maternity Cover benefits. As such, it is highly important to obtain Maternity Cover as early as possible to ensure you are not denied coverage due to incomplete waiting periods. The length of this waiting period will vary among insurers, however it is normally between 10 and 12 months from the start of the policy. This means that you will be unable to claim for maternity related treatment received prior to the completion of the policy waiting period, and should plan accordingly.

Families can also benefit from a Comprehensive Outpatient plan, which includes a wide range of medical benefits that are typically used by families. An Outpatient plan will typically cover a range of treatments and medical services including:

Routine check ups with Doctor

Consultation with Specialists


Diagnostic Tests

Prescription Medications

Complimentary Treatments

Home Nursing

For more information on Family Health Insurance Plans or to receive a free global health insurance quote, please contact one of our dedicated advisers today.

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