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Is There an Age Limit for International Health Insurance

Is There an Age Limit for International Health Insurance

Former resident of Thailand possibly returning would like to know the age limit for your health insurance. Thank you and best regards. HRK

There is no age limit for the international health insurance plans provided through Pacific Prime. We can offer comprehensive coverage options to applicants of all ages, and the majority of our policies are normally guaranteed renewable for life; ensuring that you will always have an exceptional level of protection as and when you need it.

Plans available from Pacific Prime will also normally afford you the option of obtaining worldwide coverage under a single policy, in addition to allowing you the freedom to choose where you receive your healthcare treatment; enabling you to access any doctor or hospital anywhere in the world.

This is important as, especially in the modern age, older individuals and persons reaching the age of retirement are increasingly looking for low cost living solutions – often found overseas and increasingly located in countries like Thailand or Indonesia. Having a single international health insurance policy which is able to provide comprehensive coverage in all countries around the world can prove extremely beneficial, and will allow you to move to additional locations, without having to obtain new coverage, in the event that the living situation presents further opportunities elsewhere abroad.

However, it should be noted that the majority of the expat medical insurance plans which we work with will typically calculate premiums using a number of factor, one of which is the applicant’s age. While these policies will not factor your claims history into the plan’s premium, ensuring that you can receive healthcare treatment without having to worry about paying a higher premium upon renewal, the premium will normally increase for older individuals.

The reason for this is simple. As people age they become more prone to developing a serious chronic condition or illness. A person aged 70 will have a higher chance of suffering a major illness than a person aged 21, and consequently will present a higher “risk” in most cases. As insurance is “the equitable transfer of risk for a predetermined fee” the higher risk of developing illness in an older individual will translate into a higher insurance premium.

In most cases, the plans we work with will usually have premiums which will only increase as you age. Medical inflation will also play a part in this, as higher medical costs present a higher “risk” in the event that a person falls ill; but it is important to understand that Age is generally the most important part of premium considerations under the expatriate Thailand Health Insurance plans we work with.

Having said this, it may be possible for us to find a plan where the premium will remain flat if you enroll on the policy before you reach a certain age. This is not available from all insurance companies, or even on all plans, but depending on the coverage benefits which you would like to receive this is a real possibility which we can provide to individuals entering their golden years.

Additionally, we understand that older individuals will have certain healthcare needs. In many cases it is possible for Pacific Prime to tailor an international medical insurance policy to meet your specific requirements – if there is a certain policy benefit you would like coverage for, or even a part of the world you’d want protection in, please let us know and we will work to ensure that this can be done.

Plan benefits which we offer can include:

·Chronic Condition Coverage

·Outpatient health insurance

·Inpatient health insurance

·Emergency Evacuation Coverage

·Dental Treatment Insurance

·Alternative Therapies and Complimentary Medicine Coverage

·Vaccinations and Preventative Medicine

·And many, many, more.

We work with more than 60 leading insurers, and can provide you with a range of options for your medical insurance coverage in Thailand. As a broker, Pacific Prime works for you and represents your interests, and not those of the insurance companies.

The premiums we quote are exactly the same as if you had gone to the insurance companies directly, and our advice and information are always provided free-of-charge; you will never pay more for choosing to use Pacific Prime as your medical insurance broker, and you have the added benefit of our extensive support staff – including dedicated in-house claims and renewals department.

At the end of the day, We’ll Look Out For You.

For further information about the availability of Thailand medical insurance coverage for individuals of a certain age, or to learn more about the extensive range of coverage options we can advise on you can Contact Us by clicking the link. Alternatively, you can request a free, customized range of quotations quickly and easily by completing the short form at the top of this page.

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