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Is it possible to purchase medical insurance for my father in Trinidad and Tobago

Is it possible to purchase medical insurance for my father in Trinidad and Tobago

Hello, I want to purchase medical insurance for my father who resides in Trinidad and Tobago. is this possible?

Yes, it is possible for you to purchase medical insurance for your father with an international health insurance plan and Pacific Prime can help you find the best plan to suit your father’s needs in Trinidad and Tobago. However, while you can pay for your fathers plan by providing your payment details, it will still be necessary for him to complete the initial application himself.

Pacific Prime works with over 60 established health insurance companies and can offer you a large range of options which cover many international destinations for your father as a result.
The international health plans we provide are normally guaranteed renewable for life and can offer global portability therefore allowing your father to take his plan with him should he decide to leave Trinidad and Tobago at any stage. What’s more, our plans are usually incredibly flexible and will typically allow your father his choice of hospital or medical facility wherever he is, should he require treatment.

Working out the premiums of a plan can be a little confusing so we try and make this a simple process. Premiums for an international health insurance policy provided by Pacific Prime will be based on your father’s age, his location and any other optional benefits he may require. This means that even if your father has been associated with other plans in the past, his previous claims history will not impact his new premium and he will be paying the same as those in his age bracket and location.
Age plays a particularly important role in premium calculation since the chance of falling ill to sickness or injury undoubtedly increases as you get older, making age the most reliable way to measure an individual’s level of health.

However, you should note that while it should not be an issue for you to pay for your father’s premium, this will only be possible for a plan that does not include life insurance protection. Life protection plans are designed to protect the policyholder’s family should the policyholder happen to experience a serious incident or death. If your father is seeking life insurance protection, these types of policies are accompanied by ‘insurable interest’ and he will need to pay for the policy on his own.

Payment can be carried out in a number of major currencies and in a variety of ways. When assisting your father with his application, you will be given numerous payment options including monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual payment plans and can pay by any means you wish.

A Pacific Prime international health insurance plan could offer your father a high level of comprehensive care and will typically include many benefits and options. Most plans will normally include a range of coverage options including:

Inpatient health insurance

Outpatient health insurance

Dental treatment

Emergency evacuation

Vaccination and preventative healthcare

War and terrorism insurance

If you would like to know more about what options you could provide your father with, please click here.

As Trinidad and Tobago are relatively small islands, the healthcare facilities are limited and basic in some areas. Living in a remote location such as this always comes with certain risks and if anything unfortunate were to happen to your father, he may have to be transported overseas to a more sophisticated medical facility such as one in Miami. Helicopter and air fare fees are normally very expensive so we would highly recommend the optional emergency evacuation coverage option to be a part of your fathers plan.

Pacific Prime has been dealing with international health insurance for many years now and keeps up to date with the latest health and medical news across the globe. To get a better idea about the healthcare system and history of Trinidad and Tobago, please click the link to learn more.

Our expert team of brokers are always happy to help and can provide you with any more information you may require regarding your fathers health insurance plan and how to pay for it. Either contact us here, or alternatively, you can fill in the short request form at the top of this page and a free quote will be sent to you shortly.

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