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Is Employee UAE Health Insurance Mandatory

Is Employee UAE Health Insurance Mandatory


Is it required for employer to have health insurance cover to thier employees and families in sharjah. Please let me know the amount and under which labour law provision this is mandatory.

There are currently two Emirates which mandate employer provided health insurance coverage; Dubai and Abu Dhabi. While there are no current laws mandating employer sponsored health insurance in many of the Emirate states, local regulators are considering the introduction of a mandatory employee health insurance scheme, for which employers in the United Arab Emirates would be responsible for the premiums.

Dubai, which does possess an employer sponsored health insurance scheme for company employees, has had trouble regulating the scheme, due to the severe economic downturn which hit the region in 2009. The law is on the books, but enforcement is extremely limited, with officials estimating that only half of all employees living in a free zone have the requisite cover.

However, for many Dubai employers, health insurance, even if it was not mandatory, does present an attractive recruitment tool and is often included as part of an employee’s compensation package, along with flight tickets to their home nation.

It is important to note though, that while Dubai has limited enforcement of its scheme, Abu Dhabi does have a strictly enforced employer sponsored medical insurance system. Abu Dhabi employers who do not contribute in compliance with local regulations are fined DHS 300 per employee.

Although Sharjah has not introduced an employer sponsored health insurance system, the Emirate does have the wherewithal to sustain a scheme similar to the initiatives in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Sharjah regulators are currently assessing the local viability of introducing such an scheme but there is no time frame yet as to its deployment; it is advisable to follow local media for additional information on any developments.

Medical Services within the UAE, while generally of an extremely high quality, can be expensive. As such it is highly recommended that all individuals, families, and groups located in the UAE, GCC, or on the Arabian Peninsula, purchase some form of comprehensive UAE medical insurance policy.

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