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I would like to know about what policies you can offer for insurance of our employees

I would like to know about what policies you can offer for insurance of our employees


I would like to know about what policies you can offer for insurance of our employees.

With an International Health Insurance plan from Pacific Prime we can provide worldwide coverage; perfect for any traveling international businessmen who may be concerned about receiving high quality healthcare while overseas. These policies are also often globally portable to many countries in the world, and should one of your employees leave the company they will often have the option of continuing their coverage on an individual, rather than group, basis.

A Group Health Insurance plan for international companies will also typically allow policy holders the freedom to choose the doctor and/or hospital, anywhere in the world, that they wish to be treated at, even if said doctor or hospital are outside of the area of coverage provided by their insurer. This is in addition to most of the policies we work with being guaranteed renewable for life, meaning that you and your staff will always have the coverage you need; no matter what happens.

The group medical insurance policies that we offer are available to groups of three or more people. In many cases, depending on the size of your group, due to our extensive relationships with the world’s top international health insurance companies, we can often provide significant discounts on a group health insurance plan. This is usually done on a case-by-case basis; please contact us for additional information about premium discounts for group health insurance plans.

At Pacific Prime we have developed strong relationships with many of the world’s largest and most respected insurance providers. We chose to work with over 60 Global Insurance Providers, and continually analyze their quality to ensure that our customers get the absolute best possible service when it comes to claims handling and customer communication. The relationships allow our consultants to help administer coverage to you and your employees.

Depending on the size of your group, in some cases it may even be possible for us to provide a Medical History Disregarded benefit on your plan. A Medical History Disregarded benefit, or MHD benefit, is typically only available to groups of 20 or more members but will allow for the coverage of any pre-existing medical conditions present within the group to be covered from the start of the plan. This is often a major plus with group medical insurance plans as pre-existing medical conditions will normally be excluded from coverage under the policy when dealing with individual or family health insurance.

As previously stated, it is often possible for us to tailor the coverage of your group health insurance plan to give more senior staff members higher levels of coverage than a recent junior hire. Depending on the needs of your organization, some of the coverage benefits that you may want to consider typically include:

-Inpatient Care Benefit:

Inpatient care covers major surgeries and medical procedures that require a stay in hospital for more than one day. This coverage is one of the most important group health insurance benefits as it can mitigate the high cost of hospital stays. Inpatient benefits generally include semi-private/private rooms during hospitalization, and will usually cover an intensive care room if necessary. As well as covering the costs associated with major surgeries and medical procedures, most inpatient coverage benefits on a group health insurance policy will also cover organ transplants, surgical costs including anesthetic and operating theatre charges, all diagnostic tests and laboratory work, as well as any medication that is required. Many plans will also cover any ambulance costs in the event of an emergency.

-Outpatient Care Benefits:

Group health insurance plans will also typically offer the option of an Out-patient benefit which covers the costs for most non-emergency medical treatments; these will often include the coverage for visits to GP or specialist doctors. In addition to doctor’s visits, outpatient benefits include coverage for routine health checks, most laboratory and diagnostic tests, minor day-surgeries, and some prescription medicines needed for your medical treatment.

-Emergency Evacuation Coverage:

An Emergency Evacuation benefit will cover the cost of an evacuation to the nearest center of medical excellence in order to undergo care, in the event that there are no suitable healthcare facilities to provide ongoing treatment if you suffer from a serious accident or illness while overseas. Often cited as one of the most important coverage options by many of our individual plan holders, a number of our policies will also allow the option of a repatriation benefit. While not offered on every policy, a Repatriation Benefit will give you the option of being transported to your home country to receive ongoing medical treatment, rather than being evacuated to the nearest medical facility to treat the illness or injury.

-Preventative Medicine and Vaccine Coverage:

Preventative Healthcare plans help to guard against serious diseases through health screenings and vaccinations. Preventative plans typically cover health screenings (for things such as cancer and blood diseases) and, if caught early, can often mean the difference between life and death. Many plans will also cover immunizations to prevent serious diseases, which is usually vital to any international organization operating in areas where a disease, such as malaria, is commonplace.

-Dental Treatment Coverage:

Many of our insures understand the importance of oral health and offer dental plans which cover standard dental procedures, as well as more comprehensive cover for both major and minor dental work.

-Alternative Therapy Coverage:

With the wide range of cultures that make up international companies, many group plans will also offer coverage for those who practice other forms of healing aside from those found in modern western medicine. Many insurers will cover healing therapy, including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, and Naturopathy.

Group health insurance plans can include deductibles (excess) to keep your premiums low and minimize the plan administration. Our advisors can tailor your group plan to allow employees of different levels to receive alternative benefits and coverage.

Our insurance experts can help you customize a plan specifically for your company, and will provide the best insurance quote. To receive an initial quote, simply fill in the group enquiry form and we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your requirements and quote. Alternatively, you can Contact Us to receive additional information about our global medical insurance plans for groups.

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