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How do medical tourists cover the costs for surgery and travel

How do medical tourists cover the costs for surgery and travel


I am a Japanese citizen and now staying in Singapore and Hong Kong (basically Singpore). I am looking for an insurance company with products that cover surgery in medical tourism. Can you please answer the following questions: How do medical tourists cover the cost of surgery and travel? Do you know the insurance products that cover the cost of surgery and travel? Thank you! Best regards.

Pacific Prime offers health insurance plans to individuals living overseas in any region of the world.

An International Health Insurance plan, which Pacific Prime would recommend, will typically afford you with worldwide coverage. This will allow you to travel to any country in the world to receive medical treatment such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand or India. Policy holders can be reassured that their health care plan will entitle them to treatment that is of high standard and accredited internationally.

Medical Tourism in Singapore

Medical Tourism is an industry that is established in the Asian region of the world. With healthcare costs on the rise, particularly in countries such as US and UK, patients are flying to areas of the world where treatment can be received at a relatively lower price. Around US$4.53 billion is spent every year collectively by medical tourists within Asia, particularly in Singapore, India, and Thailand. Standards of health care in Singapore are high and considered to be on par with western medicine standards. Private hospitals, that are designed with foreign patients in mind, offer modern medical facilities and highly trained healthcare staff with proficiency in English.

The table below provides an example of standard medical treatment costs within Singapore private hospitals, as well as a general comparison to USA's healthcare system costs. As you can see, the healthcare costs in Singapore are a lot less than those in the USA.

Medical Procedure



Private room 1 day



Heart Bypass



Heart Valve Replacement






Hip Replacement






Knee Replacement



Spinal Fusion



* All Prices are in $USD and are subject to change.

* * Health care costs can vary depending on surgeon and hospital.

Finding a doctor in Singapore is a relatively easy process with the help of an International Patient Service Centre (IPSC), listed on the Ministry of Health (MOH) website. IPSC's assist foreign patients locate the appropriate doctor and health care facility. The MOH website also lists average medical costs for treatments offered in several different hospitals, allowing the medical tourist to comparison shop.

A large number of Private Hospitals in Singapore, particularly those who offer high standards of healthcare and participate in the medical tourism market, will only treat foreign patients who are covered by a health insurance plan. As such, it is highly recommended that expats obtain a comprehensive international health insurance policy which includes worldwide access to quality medical care.

Medical tourists can cover health care costs, such as surgery, by obtaining an International Health Insurance plan, which Pacific Prime can offer. Individual Health Insurance policies offered by Pacific Prime will give you the option of receiving coverage under a range of benefits including:

Inpatient Treatment
Dental health insurance
Maternity health insurance
Outpatient Treatment
Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation coverage
Geographic Coverage

Pacific Prime offers globally portable and guaranteed renewable plans, providing adaptability as your situation changes. Our health insurance policies will allow you to continue using your plan in Japan if you decide to return home, or in any other country around the world you may decide to relocate to. Our health care plans are typically guaranteed renewable, so if you are diagnosed with a medical illness you will usually have the reassurance of continued coverage, regardless of pre-existing conditions.

For more information about comprehensive International Health Insurance plans we can provide, or to receive a free quote, please contact us today.

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