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Do you provide coverage for foreigners living in Norway who do not contribute to the Norwegian health system

Do you provide coverage for foreigners living in Norway who do not contribute to the Norwegian health system


Questions and answers very needed: Do you provide coverage for foreigners living in Norway who do not contribute to the health system of that country ? In case it is yes, which private hospital do you work with in Oslo?

Pacific Prime is able to offer coverage around the world. The reason for this is because Pacific Prime works with over 60 different providers of insurance, making our coverage options the most comprehensive on earth. Pacific Prime can offer foreigners living in Norway health insurance, and depending on the type of coverage, the foreigner can be substantially covered for many ailments.

A foreigner living in Norway has two options: travel insurance in Norway, or international health insurance in Norway. If you are working in Norway, traveling to Norway, or staying in Norway for extended periods, Pacific Prime provides the necessary medical protection in Norway to suit your needs.

Selecting the right plan starts with establishing your length of stay. Will you be travelling to Norway for a time of less than 12 months? If so, travel insurance for Norway should be your best option and offers a great value for the time you are there. Pacific Prime is able to provide one of the best travel insurance plans available.Travel Health insurance plans which we choose to work with are amongst the best short term medical protection options in the world, and are provided by globally recognized insurer, IHI-BUPA.

The Norway travel coverage plans that are available are very flexible and are designed to provide you the best of coverage. If an accident does occur, outpatient and inpatient coverage provides you the comfort of knowing that your costs will be covered, even if you have to stay overnight in the hospital. Travel insurance has the benefit of having very high coverage limits, and some with no limits at all – knowing this gives you a piece of mind so you can enjoy your travel and stay in Norway.

Will you be staying in Norway for a period longer than 12 months? If so, acquiring an international medical plan specific to Norway would be your best option and Pacific Prime offers several different coverage plans for foreigners in Norway. Pacific Prime has many years of experience and expertise in providing some of the best coverage plans for international health insurance.

International health insurance plans will often provide global protection and worldwide coverage. This means that you can remain in Norway, or go all over the world, assured that you have the protection you need should you experience a serious medical situation. Annual International health insurance plans are designed to be used for periods of longer than 12 months and are designed to provide you the best coverage possible.

Another great benefit of international health insurance is that these policies are often guaranteed renewablefor life; year after year, you will normally be offered the option of renewing your coverage for as long as you wish to do so. If you are under a travel insurance plan and you injure yourself during your stay in Norway, acquiring a new insurance plan down the road can be difficult asany injuryor illness which mayoccur could be considered to be a pre-existing conditionif you ever apply for a new global health insurance policy. Pre-existing conditions are ailments or injuries that you had prior to acquiring the plan, andwill normally be handled in a number of different ways depending on the insurance company you choose to work with; your premiums may be higher, the condition may be excluded, or you could have a waiting period included in your coverage. For more information about pre-existing medical conditions and their impact under an international health insurance policy, please click Pre-existing condition medical insurance.

Even if you did suffer from a serious illness or injury during your stay in Norway, with a global medical insurance policy your plan premium will not be impacted by any claims you choose to make. This is in direct contrast to many of the domestically available medical insurance coverage options in the country. The premiumsfor international medical insurance arenormallycalculated based on community ratings – risk profiles for a specific age group in a specific area. This means that you will never pay more for your coverage than a person within the same coverage area, of the same age, with the same policy benefits and coverage options. Domestic, or Local Health Insurance plans, however,usually are calculated based on experience ratings – an individual risk profile. This means that your claims history under the policy will often be a key factor in defining your plan premium; in effect, the policy will usually look like a great deal at the time of initial purchase (because you haven’t yet made a claim), but when you do claim it is virtually guaranteed that you will experience a much higher premium for your coverage the next time you renew. Local plans can be more expensive, especially as the plan is held for longer periods of time.

International Medical plans are designed to be flexible. As these plans are calculated based on community ratingswith geographical coverage areas forming a cornerstone of the premium calculation, plan seekers can elect to exclude geographic areas which may not apply to them.The two main options for Geographical coverage areas available to policyholders are Worldwide or Worldwide Excluding the USA. By excluding areas of coverage which have extremely high costs of medical care, such as the USA, the price of the plan can be reduced drastically.

You also asked which private hospitals we work with in Oslo. Pacific Prime is an insurance brokerage whereby we work with insurance companies to offer the coverage. However, the insurance companies do work with work directly with private and public hospitals. As we work with over 60 different providers, the amount of different hospitals that fall under our reach is significant. Furthermore, due to the nature of the global coverage which we work with, you are normally able to choose where you would like to receive your medical treatment, with no penalties for electing to seek care at the hospital of your choice – even if that hospital is in another country entirely! International Norway Health Insurance plans are extremely flexible in this regard and will give you freedom of choice with regards to your healthcare services.

In the unfortunate case where you do need to go to the hospital, it is helpful if you are able to contact your chosen provider prior to going to being admitted as an inpatient. This can help expedite the claim procedure significantly, and may be able to allow the insurance company to settle directly with hospital. If you are unable to contact the insurance company prior to going to the hospital, it is important to remember to keep all the receipts on hand so that you can make a claim.

Pacific Prime offers many different plans with a myriad of benefits which can suit your situation. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, feel free to explore the following benefits which can make your plan even more comprehensive:

·Inpatient Health Insurance

·Outpatient Health Insurance

·Maternity Health Insurance

·Dental Treatment Insurance

·Optical Treatment Insurance

·Vaccination and Preventative Health Coverage

·War and Terrorism Health Insurance

·Alternate Therapy Insurance

·Emergency Evacuation Insurance

Pacific Prime’s experience and expertise, coupled with our broad and diverse coverage options and areas make Pacific Prime an excellent choice when looking for plans. Whether you are looking for health insurance in Norway, or looking for coverage around the world, Pacific Prime can provide you with the coverage you need. To get started, fill out the free quote form above or click here to contact one of our experts.

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