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Do you offer retiree health insurance in Canada

Do you offer retiree health insurance in Canada


just wondering if my mother can have an insurance internation lets say maybe usefull outside philippines? she has plan to come in canada and it is good to have a health insurance since she is an older woman? please let me know if you can help? thanks lot

Pacific Prime works with a number of international health insurance plans which will comprehensively cover expatriates within the Philippines and Canada. Policies we work with are available from more than 60 of the world’s leading insurance companies, and will typically offer you worldwide protection; giving you the assurance that no matter where in the world you may be, your health is in safe hands.

While Canada runs a nationalized healthcare system, foreign nationals, such as expatriates and travelers, must have been in the country for a period of not less than 4 months in order to access medical services under the Canadian Healthcare Act. Individuals who qualify for services under this act are entitled to a government subsidy covering up to 70 percent of all medical costs. Persons who are not covered by the Canadian Medicare system will have to pay for the costs of their medical treatment out-of-pocket.

Older individuals are usually at a higher risk of suffering from a serious medical condition, such as an illness or bodily injury. If your mother will be traveling to Canada, and is not eligible to be covered under the Canadian National Healthcare System, in the event that she falls ill or requires medical assistance she may face issues when paying for the cost of her treatment. Generally, private payment for medical treatment within Canada can be extremely expensive if you are not receiving your care within the nationalized system.

The global health insurance plans from Pacific Prime are typically guaranteed renewable for life, globally portable, and will allow you to receive medical treatment with the doctor or hospital of your choice, anywhere in the world. We can help individuals up to the age of 79 find health insurance plans which provide coverage to their specific needs – in many cases we can actively tailor the plans we offer to meet your unique requirements.

We can offer a wide range of coverage benefits, including coverage options for:

·In-patient treatment

·Out-patient treatment

·Maternity health insurance

·Dental treatment

·Vaccinations and Preventative healthcare

·Alternative Therapies (such as Traditional Chinese Medicine)

·Emergency Evacuation

·Deductibles and Excesses

The above list is not comprehensive, and in many cases we can work to find you unique coverage benefits, such as protection in War Zones, or from Acts of Terrorism.

For more information about the Canada health insurance options we work with please contact us. Alternatively you can receive a free health insurance quote by filling in the short form at the top of this page.

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