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Do you offer international health insurance options to individuals over the age of 70

Do you offer international health insurance options to individuals over the age of 70


Do you have an age limit for our travel insurance? I am 71 years old and travel every year for about 5 month to Florida. I am looking for travel (emergency) health insurance, to cover me for more than 3 month each year. Also an insurance, which will take me, if in future a health issue would occur, if I paid on a yearly basis. Thank you Uta Kind

As an older individual it can often be hard to find health insurance coverage if you have recently relocated to a new country. We know that choice is important when obtaining something as critically important as health insurance, and therefore Pacific Prime is proud to be able to provide individuals over 70 years of age with the widest range of options for global medical insurance protection of any health insurance intermediary anywhere in the world.

Pacific Prime strongly recommends that you consider purchasing an IHI-BUPA travel insurance plan if you are only seeking short term medical protection. This policy can be obtained by individuals up to 80 years old, and would meet your requirement of a simple emergency coverage plan.

The travel insurance policy from IHI-BUPA, available for instant purchase by clicking here, offers an unlimited maximum benefit – this means that on a single trip policy there is no limit on the amount of medical protection you can receive.

While the annual option of this plan will allow for unlimited coverage of as many overseas trips as you may wish to take during the course of any given policy year, that coverage is only offered as long as each single trip lasts no longer than 30 days in duration.

Consequently we would not recommend this plan for you due to your planned travel time being over that 30 day period. Due to the fact that your trip will last approximately 5 months, you will need to purchase a single trip plan which covers the entirety of the duration of your journey to the USA.

To get a complete overview of the coverage under an IHI-BUPA travel insurance policy, please click International Travel Health Insurance.

If you would like to consider an Annual Individual International Health Insurance plan then Pacific Prime can definitely help. We work with more than 60 of the world’s leading international health insurance companies, and can provide global medical insurance options to individuals and families of all ages, including retirees who may have recently relocated overseas.

Because our Annual international health insurance plans often provide worldwide coverage, a single policy will normally protect you against the high costs associated with healthcare no matter where you may be located.

This has two benefits.

The first is that you are able to receive medical treatment anywhere on earth, even if you are not in the country where you purchased the plan. The second benefit is that because of the worldwide coverage normally associated with an international health insurance plan from Pacific Prime, you will no longer have to purchase a travel insurance policy – a single global medical plan will typically suffice to protect you against all medical related issues depending on the benefits you elect to include in the coverage.

In addition to this, the majority of individual annual health insurance plans we work with are normally guaranteed renewable for life – as long as you want to continue the coverage, you are usually afforded that option. Furthermore, while many insurers do have preferred direct settlement networks in place around the world, most international health insurance policies will allow you the freedom to choose where you receive your healthcare; enabling you to seek treatment with any doctor or hospital on earth.

Benefits which we can offer to older individuals under an international health insurance plan can include:

·Inpatient health insurance

·Outpatient health insurance

·Dental Health Insurance

·Emergency Evacuation Insurance Coverage

·Alternative Therapy Insurance

·Preventative Healthcare and Vaccination Insurance

·And many more

It is possible for Pacific Prime, in many cases, to actively tailor the policy to meet your unique coverage requirements.

Although it should be noted that as an individual in your 70’s the premium you pay for any health insurance plan (be it an annual or travel policy) will normally be higher than if you were in your 20’s – additionally, more comprehensive levels of coverage will come at a higher price. However, we can advise on a number of different ways in which you can lower the amount that you will pay for coverage.

The first area to consider in the plan’s area of coverage. As previously stated, the majority of our coverage options allow for worldwide protection. However, when selecting a policy you will normally be given a choice as to where in the world you would like to receive coverage under the plan. The two main choices here are:


·Worldwide Excluding the USA

The reason that these are the major choices of coverage areas under an international health insurance plan is due to the fact that healthcare costs in the USA are more expensive than anywhere else on earth, and a policy which provides coverage in America will be more expensive than one which does not. On the other hand, Pacific Prime can provide an extensive range of options with regards to your policy’s coverage area, and can ensure that it is both cost effective and comprehensive in its scope.

The second thing you should think about in reference to lowering your health insurance premium is whether or not to include a deductible on your policy. A deductible is the amount which you will contribute towards the cost of your healthcare, with the insurance company covering the remaining fees. A more comprehensive explanation can be found by clicking International Health Insurance Deductible.

Simply put, if you choose to include a deductible on your international medical insurance plan, the overall policy premium will be less expensive than if you did not. Furthermore, the higher the deductible you opt to include, the greater the savings you will see on the overall premium.

The third area which should be considered are the benefits offered under the policy coverage. As stated previously, a highly comprehensive plan will often be more expensive than a less comprehensive one. For example, choosing to include coverage for a policy benefit such as Maternity (although not applicable in your case) will result in a higher premium than a policy which does not offer such a benefit.

Our health insurance Brokers will work with you to determine your healthcare needs – it may result that all you require is a simple in-patient health insurance policy with an emergency evacuation benefit, which would be far more cost effective than a plan which includes coverage for everything! Because of our relationships with many of the best insurers in the world, it is often possible for Pacific Prime to tailor a policy to meet your specific coverage requirements, ensuring that you get exactly the levels of protection you need.

For more information about global medical insurance plans for individuals over the age of 70, or to learn more about the coverage options we work with, you can speak to one of our dedicated consultants by Contacting Us. Alternatively, you can quickly request a range of personalized quotations from a number of the major providers by filling out the short form at the top of this page.

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