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Do you offer Group Health Insurance in Bangladesh

Do you offer group health insurance in bangladesh


hi, I am HR representative of Schlumberger, Bangladesh. We are planning to have medical insurance for our employees and their family (spouse & kids), does your company provide any medical insurance for group of employees?

Pacific Prime can provide comprehensive group medical insurance options to groups, including Companies, around the world. The company health insurance plans we work with will be able to offer your employees extremely comprehensive protection around the world; no matter where they may be traveling to on business or even if they may be relocated to a new country, a group health insurance plan from Pacific Prime will ensure that their health is protected.

Because Pacific Prime works with more than 60 leading international health insurance companies we can offer you the widest range of options for your Group Health Insurance in Bangladesh of any insurance broker currently operating in the Asia-Pacific region. In fact, because of our excellent relationships with all of the best underwriters in the industry, we are often able to uniquely tailor a group medical insurance plan to meet the specific needs of your organization.

This tailoring can be achieved, for example, by providing higher levels of coverage to more senior members of staff, while enabling junior employees to receive adequate but less comprehensive levels of protection. We understand that such tailoring may not be suitable for all organizations, however, and will work with you to identify the Global health insurance solutions which best meet your requirements.

Typically, we are able to provide Corporate health insurance plans to companies with three or more employees on the scheme. Moreover, the larger the number of employees that you would like to protect the more flexible we can be in terms of the coverage you are able to receive. For example, there is a coverage benefit which is only available to groups with 20 or members called Medical History Disregarded, or MHD. Under this benefit, all group members may receive coverage for any pre-existing medical conditions which may be present in the group; even medical conditions which would have otherwise been placed on a waiting period or excluded from the plan’s coverage – such as Maternity, Dental, or possible Diabetes protection.

This is an important consideration as many pre-existing conditions are normally excluded from an international health insurance plan. If the pre-existing condition is not excluded from the policy then it will either be placed on a waiting period, or you premium may be raised to cover for the condition. The fact that MHD is a possibility under a group health insurance policy allows you to afford your employees with higher levels of coverage than if they had purchased a Bangladesh health insurance policy on an individual basis.

In terms of the coverage that Pacific Prime can offer to groups under and international health insurance plan, well you’ll be pleased to know that there are a range of policy benefits which we can include on your group coverage. Policy benefits which you may wish to add to your group health insurance plan may include:

·Inpatient Health Insurance

·Outpatient Health Insurance

·Dental Health Insurance

·Emergency Evacuation Insurance

·Maternity Health Insurance

·Vaccination and Preventative Care Insurance

·War and Terrorism Health Insurance

·Alternative Therapy Insurance

·Chronic Condition Health Insurance

Our group policies, as seen from a sample of the above benefits, can provide extensive coverage to your employees in Bangladesh and elsewhere around the world. These plans can also provide coverage for your employees’ dependents, ensuring that your staff are able to concentrate on their work secure in the knowledge that their families will have the protection and support that they need should anything happen with regards to their health.

As mentioned previous, Corporate medical insurance plans obtained through Pacific Prime are available from a range of the best insurance companies on the planet. You can choose to work with CIGNA, a leader in the USA health insurance industry, or InterGlobal, a major player in the international marketplace with a number of attractive direct settlement options. Likewise BUPA and IHI-BUPA can present extremely competitive, high-coverage options and may be suitable for Schlumberger’s Bangladesh medical insurance coverage depending on your needs.

When you request a free quotation from Pacific Prime, which can be done by completing the short form at the top of this page, our expert international insurance brokers will work with you to identify the policies which are best suited to meet the needs of your organization. You will be provided with the industry leading Pacific Prime spreadsheet comparison, allowing you to easily identify and compare the various policy benefits which you have requested, and will be helped to refine those options around your needs. As a broker, Pacific Prime will always work for you, and never the insurance companies, giving you access to completely unbiased advice and an unsurpassed knowledge of insurance and healthcare concerns around the planet.

For more information about the group health insurance plans we can provide to companies in Bangladesh, or to learn more about individual policy benefits, please Contact A Broker today. You can also, as previously mentioned, request a free quotation comparison by completing the short form at the top of this page.

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