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Do you offer group health insurance coverage in Nigeria

Do you offer group health insurance coverage in Nigeria


Do you offer group health insurance coverage in Nigeria?

Pacific Prime can offer comprehensive group health insurance options to companies and groups located in Nigeria. Plans which we work with are globally portable, and will normally allow you the freedom of choice to seek medical treatment with any doctor or hospital in the world.

Company health insurance policies we work are designed to provide ease of use to your organization. As employees join or leave the company it is extremely easy to add or drop members from the group. In many cases when an employee leaves the company it may be possible for them to continue the coverage under an individual policy providing the same coverage they had while they were a member of the group.

We can tailor our group health insurance plans to provide different coverage levels to employees, or group members, of different seniority. This may mean that management staff could receive more comprehensive levels of coverage, while an entry level position would only be afforded basic in-patient protection. As such, a group health insurance plan can be a vital tool for an organization looking to hire and retain talent – by structuring your company health insurance plan appropriately you can offer attractive benefits to your employees.

Additionally, a major part of a group health insurance plan is the ability of these types of policies to offer a Medical History Disregarded benefit. Typically available to groups comprising 20 or more members, a Medical History Disregarded (MHD) benefit will allow for the coverage of all pre-existing conditions present within the group. This includes the coverage of benefits which would normally be attached to a waiting period, such as Dental Treatment or Maternity coverage.

With regards to coverage, our group and company health insurance plans can give you the option of a wide range of coverage benefits, which, as has been previously mentioned, can be tailored to the unique needs of your group. Coverage benefits which may be obtained on a group health insurance policy can include:




·Emergency Evacuation


·Vaccinations and Preventative Medicine

·Alternative Therapies

Please be advised that these are merely examples of some coverage benefits we can provide, and that the above list is by no means exclusive. In many cases we can offer benefits for a range of coverage options; if the benefit you would like coverage for does not appear here, please contact one of our expert advisors who would be happy to assist you in finding a plan which offers that protection.

Group health insurance plans offered by Pacific Prime are available from leading insurance companies. We work with more than 60 of the best providers in the world, and are constantly updating the portfolio of companies whose plans we offer – giving you the assurance that your company medical insurance plan is from one of the best insurers in the business. Additionally, due to our extensive relationships with these providers, we can often offer significant discounts on the group policies which we work with.

For more information about Nigeria group health insurance please contact one of our expert advisors. Alternatively you can receive a free, personalized quotation by completing the short form at the top of this page.

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