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Do health insurance plans offer coverage for vaccinations

Do health insurance plans offer coverage for vaccinations

Does pacific prime cover needs of vaccinations, specially in south korea and which would be the right insurance for that case?


Pacific Prime can offer international health insurance plans which will include coverage for vaccinations, among a large range of other medical benefits.

Health insurance companies will offer various types of health insurance plans that will typically include a range of Outpatient Benefits. International Health insurance plans will vary greatly among insurers, but most insurers will offer the option for coverage of vaccinations.

Outpatient Benefits will normally offer a range of benefits, including:

Doctor consultations

Diagnostic tests


Prescription medications

Diagnostic Screening




Day Surgery

Home Nursing

Inpatient treatments are also typically included on an international health insurance plan. Various levels of cover and treatment options are available.

Inpatient treatments will typically provide cover for a range of treatments including:

Hospital accommodation

Ambulance transport

Diagnostic tests


Cancer Treatments


Medical Evacuation to another hospital if treatment options are exhausted

An international health insurance plan will normally include worldwide coverage of treatments. Worldwide cover gives policy holders access to their health insurance benefits in any country across the globe, including South Korea. Worldwide Cover is very beneficial to expatriates. If policy holders are traveling abroad or returning to their home country, they can be rest assured that their health insurance plan will protect them if they get sick. In some cases, complex treatment may not be available and worldwide cover will allow policy holders to be evacuated overseas to receive the vital treatment they require.

While most health insurers offer worldwide coverage, some will also provide options to include or exclude certain geographic areas of treatment. This gives policy holders flexibility and can also reduce the impact on their premium.

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