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Can you provide maternity insurance to expats in the Philippines

Can you provide maternity insurance to expats in the Philippines


My fiancee lives in Manila with or/her son who is 4 years old. She is pregnant and I want to see about getting coverage for them both, all three in fact. She is about 4 weeks pregnant. Is there a health and maternity plan to suit us?

Pacific Prime can provide a range of international maternity health insurance options to expatriates located around the world, including the Philippines. Policies we can offer will typically be guaranteed renewable for life, globally portable, and can afford you with high quality medical protection on a worldwide basis.

Maternity health insurance for expatriates will usually provide a number of coverage benefits, including protection for:

·Normal Delivery Costs.

·Complication of Delivery.

·Medically Necessary Caesarian sections.

·Pre and Post-Natal Examinations.

·Home Delivery Costs

Depending on the insurance company you choose to work with, it may even be possible to provide coverage benefits for IVF Treatment. For more information about the IVF coverage options available please contact one of our advisors today.

It is important to note that all Maternity Insurance coverage, no matter which international health insurance company you purchased your plan from, will come attached to a waiting period. A waiting period is the specific amount of time which you must have been enrolled on the policy before you are able to receive coverage for a specific policy benefit. A typical waiting period for Maternity coverage is 10 months from the start of the plan. This means that you must have been enrolled on the policy for 10 months before you can receive maternity coverage and maternity treatment received prior to the completion of the waiting period cannot be claimed for under the policy.

It should also be noted that each insurance company may elect to impose their own waiting periods on maternity coverage. While it is typical for this waiting period to occur on a “time since purchase” basis, one of the other common variants is “time until conception.” If a plan has a conception based waiting period you must wait for that amount of time, typically 12 months from the start of a plan, before you are able to conceive in order for the birth to be covered under the policy.

In the event that your wife is already pregnant, but still wishes to obtain coverage for the infant we are able to provide a number of plans with a “New Born Child” coverage benefit. This benefit will also typically be attached to a waiting period, but this is much shorter than the waiting period associated with Maternity coverage – normally 6 months from the start of the plan. This means that if you are already pregnant, and unable to receive insurance coverage for the birth, you may still be able to protect the health of your child when they are born.

A New Born coverage benefit will typically be handled in one of two ways:

·Born Into The Plan

If the Child is born into an existing plan they will receive guaranteed insurance protection for the rest of their life, no matter what the state of their health at birth. However, having a child born into an existing plan will increase the overall policy premium.

·Free Benefit

In some cases you may elect to obtain a Free Benefit for New Born Child coverage. In this instance your infant would be covered up to a pre-determined time or financial limit which will often change dependant on the insurer or plan you choose to work with. Once the limit has been reached, you will need to make a new application to the insurer to receive continuing coverage for the child. While the initial medical protection will be free-of-charge, the new application will incur a premium fee, and any medical issues of the infant will be treated as Pre-Existing by the insurer upon reception of the application.

Please note that all the above information may be liable to change dependant on the specifics of the policy which you choose to work with. Our expert consultants can help to find the medical insurance plan which best fits your individual requirements and will give you the coverage which you need.

For a free international health insurance quote simply complete the short form at the top of this page. Alternatively, you can contact one of our dedicated advisors for additional Maternity Health Insurance information.

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