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Can you provide Maternity Coverage in the Caribbean

Can you provide Maternity Coverage in the Caribbean


HI there! I´m interested to know the coverage and rates for maternity and delivery coverage. I am about 6 weeks along now, and plan to give birth in Trinidad in the caribbean at a natural birthing center. I will be going in for my first prenatal check up soon, and am searching for the perfect affordable maternity coverage for us. I live on a boat in the caribbean, and will be travelling down to Trinidad within the next few months, although my first prenatal check ups will take place elsewhere, one in the British Virgin Islands at a professional medical clinic. I am very healthy, live a fairly active lifestyle, have no pre-existing medical conditions, no past medical conditions, no allergies, no past antibiotic usage (once when I was 10 years old), no past surgeries, I am fit and healthy. PLease get back to me asap. Much appreciated, have a realllllly great day!

Pacific Prime can provide a range of maternity health insurance options for individuals and families around the world. Maternity policies which we offer will afford the policyholder comprehensive coverage for pre-natal and post-natal checkups, routine deliveries, deliveries with a complication, medically prescribed caesarians, and even home delivery options.

The maternity health insurance options from Pacific Prime are typically guaranteed renewable for life, in addition to providing coverage on a worldwide basis, allowing you to use the doctor or hospital of your choice anywhere on earth. Plans are also globally portable, giving you the assurance that even should you relocate to another country, your policy will travel with you and continue to provide uninterrupted cover.

However, it is important to note that all maternity health insurance plans will offer maternity coverage only after a waiting period has been completed. This means that you must have been enrolled on the policy for a specific amount of time, which varies by insurance company, before you are allowed to receive maternity related treatment under the policy. Maternity treatment received prior to the completion of the waiting period cannot be claimed under the policy.

Maternity waiting periods are usually found in one of two forms: from the start of the plan, or, until conception. In the event that your global health insurance policy has a waiting period which is related to the time of conception, you must have been enrolled on the plan for this long before you are able to conceive in order have the birth covered under the policy. Typical conception waiting periods will be in the range of 12 months from the start of the plan. If your waiting period is based on the length of time you have been enrolled in the policy (from the start of the plan), you are able to conceive prior to the completion of the waiting period and have the birth covered under the policy, as long as the waiting period is over. The shortest waiting period we can offer for maternity health insurance coverage is 10 months from the start of the plan,

In the event that you have not completed the waiting period associated with your policy by the time you give birth, it is still possible to protect your child’s health with a New Born Coverage benefit. This benefit will also typically be attached to a waiting period, but it is usually much shorter than that associated with the maternity coverage; in some cases we can offer plans which provide a New Born Child coverage benefit only 6 months after an individual has enrolled in a policy.

New Born Child coverage benefits are typically offered in two ways. You can elect to have your child “Born into the Plan,” or they may receive a “Free Benefit.”

If your child is “Born into the Plan” they will receive continuing coverage, for life, no matter what the state of their health at birth. This is particularly important in the event of a congenital birth defect, as your child will then be guaranteed of the medical care which they deserve. In the event that your policy allows you to have your child born into the plan, simply inform your insurance provider after you have given birth, and add the child to the policy. However, it is important to state that having your child born into an existing policy will raise your overall plan premium.

If you elect to receive a “free benefit” then your child will be covered, for free, for a specific length of time, or monetary limit, as defined by the policy; typically the child will be entitled to 30 days of healthcare, but this will vary between insurance companies and individual policies. When the free benefit has been completed you must submit a new application to your insurer to ensure continuing coverage for the child. This application will be underwritten as a new policy, taking into account any pre-existing conditions, such as congenital birth defects, which may be present at the time of underwriting. A free benefit will not impact your overall premium, but you will have to pay a fee for the child after their application for continuing coverage has been accepted.

Regarding policy premiums, the plans which we work with will never calculate premiums based on your claims history, or the number of claims you make while enrolled in the policy. This allows you to receive the medical treatment which you need, secure in the knowledge that your premium will not penalize you for being sick. Policies which we provide will only calculate premiums based on your age, the policy’s geographical area of coverage, and the rate of global medical inflation. As such, you will never pay more for an international health insurance plan from Pacific Prime than anyone of the same age, in the same area of coverage.

Outside of maternity protection, the plans which we are able to offer will typically afford you a wide range of coverage options; in many cases allowing you to tailor the policy to meet your specific needs. Coverage options which we can provide may include:

·In-Patient only treatment

·Out-Patient Treatment

·Dental Protection

·Emergency Evacuation Coverage

·Routine Doctor’s Visits

·Vaccinations and Preventative Medicine

·Alternative Therapies such as Traditional Chinese Medicine

As we work with more than 60 of the world’s leading insurance companies we have the widest range of global health insurance options currently available anywhere in the world. The insurers we choose to work with are the best at what they do, and we are constantly evaluating the services they offer; giving you the assurance that your plan is administered by a quality company which provides exceptional levels of service.

For more information about the maternity health insurance services and policies we can provide, please fill in the short form at the top of this page. Alternatively, you may consult with one of our expert advisers by contacting us here.

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