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Can you provide employee health insurance in Romania

Can you provide employee health insurance in Romania


We currently have three Romanian professional employees on our payroll and would like to give them some form of health cover in Romania itself for them and their spouses. Our intention is to provide them with a form of family health cover. Would you be able to propose a cover for these three Romanian nationals within their own borders. Will send other details once you confirm whether or not you could provide this cover. Thanks.

Pacific Prime offers comprehensive insurance coverage for many different purposes. By working with over 60 different insurance companies, Pacific Prime offers medical plans that can cover people from around the world. Pacific Prime can offer a group medical plan in Romania that is applicable for employees as well as their dependents, including a spouse and children.

Pacific Prime is able to offer health insurance policies for groups of three or more. Since your company has three Romanian professional employees, as well as their spouses, Pacific Prime would normally be able to service your company in acquiring a group medical plan.

Group health insurancehas many benefits that are very useful and beneficial when dealing with health concerns. Most benefit plans will have inpatient treatment built into the plan which includes coverage for overnight stay in the hospital. In addition, benefit plans can include a large variety of options that you can add to the plan to provide more comprehensive coverage. As your employees have spouses, maternity coverage is also available and can be particularly useful when planned parenthood is a factor.

Maternity costs can represent a significant financial burden due to the various medical requirements and costs associated with childbirth. These requirements include pre and post-natal treatments, medically prescribed caesarian, and hospital and home delivery costs. A maternity plan can provide coverage for the costs of these treatments. In addition, maternity coverage can have the option to include coverage for congenital birth defects and fertility treatments. If a child is born with a congenital birth defect, that birth defect becomes a pre-existing condition and may pose problems further on in the child’s life when trying to acquire health insurance. Maternity coverage may be able to provide two options for coverage for the child: “born into the plan” or the “free benefit” option. Born into the plan allows the child to be born into the mother’s insurance policy and should be guaranteed renewable for life. The free benefit option offers coverage over a predetermined time or financial limit, but might not be renewable after that period or limit is reached. Finally, maternity benefits have a waiting period that must be realized before any claims can be made. Usually, the waiting period is at least 10 months so acquiring a benefit plan with maternity coverage as early as possible will be more advantageous.

Group health plans are very flexible in terms of benefits and premiums and are designed to suit the needs of different types of people under the coverage. Under an international medical policy, members of the plan can receive coverage around the world. If Romania is not the place where they would like to receive medical treatment, they can go abroad to another location to tend to their medical needs. However, this is only applicable to the areas of coverage which the employee has elected to include. Because of the flexibility in cost, members of the plan can elect to exclude coverage areas in the plan to reduce the cost of the plan. This is often the casebecause the cost of healthcare in areas like the US can be significantly higher. This causes the overall premiums to be higher due to community rated pricing.

International health plan premiums are calculated based on community ratings – this is the risk profile for all the people under the same plan in the same area in the same age bracket. For example, if the age bracket is 18 – 25 and you are 19 years of age and living in Romania, then you will pay the same premium as a 24 year old in Romania who also has the same coverage plan as you do. However, age brackets will vary between insurance providers and plans. In comparison, a local medical policy is calculated based on experience – the amount of risk that an individual poses. For the same plan in the same area, you may have to pay more (or less) than someone else who poses less of a risk. In addition, the premiums will increase depending on the number of claims that you make during your time on the plan – an international health policy will not increase the premiums because of your claim history on that policy.

More flexibility in the premiums can be achieved through the use of deductibles. A deductible, which is sometimes known as an excess, is the amount that you pay before the insurer covers the cost. For example, if a visit to the doctor costs $100 and you have a deductible of $50, you will need to pay the $50 and the insurer will cover the rest. The next time you visit the doctor, you will not be required to pay the deductible again. Some plans may have a per-condition deductible and some plans may have a plan-wide deductible. Finally, some plans may have co-insurance options as well. Co-insurance is where you pay a predefined percentage of the costs. For example, if the level of co-insurance is 30%, then you will be required to pay $30 on the same $100 doctor visit. The next time you go, you will also need to pay 30% of the bill.

An employee medical plan in Romania can also include benefits for dependents, such as the employees spouse or child. Typically, a child who is 18 years or younger can be covered under the employees plan. However, the age limit may be able to be extended to 21 if the child is enrolled in full time studies.

As your company continues to grow, the number of employees could very well increase. In this case, your company could be eligible for a Romanian group medical insurance plan that allows for pre-existing conditions. This means that an employee with a pre-existing condition such as asthma or arthritis could be covered under the same plan – some plans may choose not to insure the individual without this added benefit. To be eligible for such a benefit, the group will need to have more than 20 members subscribed to the plan.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, policies that Pacific Prime works with typically include many more optional benefit packages which can be added to your plan, making it more comprehensive. These benefits include:

Inpatient Treatment
Outpatient Treatment
Maternity Health Insurance
Dental Health Insurance
Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation
Personal Accident

Pacific Prime offers many comprehensive individual insurance and group insurance plans. Finding the right plan that suits your needs begins with contacting one of our experts. To contact us, click here, or you can receive a free quote from the quote form at the top of the page.

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