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Can you provide Emergency medical coverage to Australian Expatriates in Indonesia

Can you provide Emergency medical coverage to Australian Expatriates in Indonesia


My daughter is an Australian - working as an expat in Indonesia and has become pregnant. She currently does not have any emergency medical cover provided by the company she works with so I would like to take out cover for her to be evacuated back to Australia in case of an emergency I have read all of your information related to maternity etc and how insurance will not cover her for anything related to the pregnancy - therefore my question is - can I still get cover for her so that she will be covered if anything were to happen? Thanks Julie

Pacific Prime can offer comprehensive emergency medical and hospitalization coverage options to expatriates residing around the world, including Australian nationals currently situated in Indonesia. Even if your daughter is unable to complete the waiting period associated with a health insurance Maternity coverage benefit due to the fact that she is currently pregnant, we can provide coverage for a range of additional policy benefits.

Maternity coverage under an international health insurance plan will typically be attached to a waiting period which is often around 10 months from the start of the plan. Until the policyholder has completed the waiting period they are unable to receive maternity treatment under the policy, and maternity treatment received prior to the completion of the waiting period cannot be claimed for under the policy. However, this does not mean that your daughter cannot obtain protection from plan benefits which are not related to a maternity coverage benefit.

Indonesia health insurance options we work with will provide an extensive range of coverage options, including benefits for:

·In-patient health insurance

·Out-patient health insurance

·Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation coverage

·Alternative Therapies and Traditional Medicine

·Vaccinations and preventative healthcare coverage

·Chronic Condition Coverage

So while your daughter may not be in a position to complete the typical 10 month maternity benefit waiting period, she can certainly obtain cover for in-patient, or hospitalization healthcare.

For example, if your daughter came down with a serious illness while in Indonesia which required hospitalization, as long as the illness is not related to her pregnancy the international health insurance plan would cover the costs of her treatment at the Indonesian hospital.

In the event that the Indonesian medical facility is unable to treat the condition or illness, and the condition is not related to her pregnancy, then an international health insurance plan with an Emergency Evacuation benefit will ensure that she is transported to a center of medical excellence which is able to provide the appropriate healthcare options. Due to Indonesia’s close proximity to Australia, an Emergency Evacuation to Darwin or Sydney is often typical for these types of cases.

It is important to note, however, that in order for an Emergency Medical evacuation to occur it must be deemed a medical necessity by both the treating doctor in Indonesia and the Insurance Company.

Depending on the length of your daughter’s stay in Indonesia it may be an option to consider a Short Term Travel Health Insurance plan, as opposed to an Annual policy. We offer travel health insurance plans on our Website from IHI-BUPA. Click Here for more information about this coverage option.

A travel health insurance policy can be obtained to cover your daughter for a specific length of time while she is outside of Australia. Plans can be purchased from 1 day to 1 year in duration and offer extremely high coverage limits – the total amount of coverage offered by an IHI-BUPA travel insurance plan is Unlimited. Additionally, if you are concerned about an untoward situation happening to your daughter while she is in Indonesia these plans will also provide an Emergency Evacuation coverage benefit.

Furthermore, an IHI-BUPA travel insurance plan will provide emergency maternity coverage for a policyholder who is already pregnant up until the 36nd week of the pregnancy. This means that the IHI-BUPA travel insurance plan will provide medical assistance in connection with maternity until the 8th month of the pregnancy in an emergency situation, or until the 4th month (18th week) if the pregnancy is the result of fertility treatment or if the policyholder is expecting more than 1 child. Medical checkups for the pregnancy will not be covered under this plan, and the coverage exists to protect the policyholder against emergency situations only.

However, it should be understood that due to the fact that your daughter is currently located in Indonesia she is unable to obtain the Annual option of the IHI-BUPA travel policy, and must select the Single Trip plan. There may also be a small waiting period while the coverage takes effect (often 3 days), also due to the fact that she is already residing outside of Australia.

Pacific Prime can offer a number of options to help you find the best coverage possible for your daughter. If you would like to receive a free quote for the Emergency and Hospitalization insurance options we can provide to expatriates in Indonesia, please complete the short form at the top of this page. Alternatively, should you have additional questions about the options which exist for your daughter’s health insurance coverage you can contact us to speak to an expert advisor – we would be extremely happy to answer any questions you may have.

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