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Can you provide Australian Health Insurance to Argentinean Expats

Can you provide Australian Health Insurance to Argentinean Expats



I an actually living in Sydney, australia and I am interested in requesting an overseas medical insurance for one year. I am from Argentina and I am on a working holiday visa till the 7 of June 2013. Regards, Martin

Pacific Prime can provide comprehensive Overseas Health Insurance options for Argentinean nationals living in Australia. Australia health insurance plans which we work with tend to be international in their nature, allowing you to receive the best healthcare services both in Australia and throughout the rest of the world. Our international medical insurance policies are also generally guaranteed renewable for life, giving you the assurance that you will be able to possess your coverage for as long as you need it.

As you will be living outside of Argentina for a year we would recommend that you obtain an annual international health insurance policy. This is a plan which can be obtained for a minimum of one year in duration and can be renewed for many years down the road. An annual policy will also normally be globally portable, meaning that should you ever leave Australia, perhaps relocating to another country or even back to Argentina, that your plan will be able to travel with you and continue to provide you the comprehensive levels of protection you require.

An Australia expat health insurance plan from Pacific Prime will enable you to use the medical services of Sydney’s highest quality hospitals, including Sydney Private, Royal North Shore, and St. Vincents hospital. While Australia does have an extremely high quality public healthcare system, the best healthcare services (as is true in much of the world) are often found in the private market. This means that while these facilities are able to provide exceptional standards of care, they will normally be expensive to use – which is why an Expat Health Insurance plan in Australia can prove especially vital.

Under coverage of this type you are free to seek medical treatment with the doctor or hospital of your choice. While there may be a preferred provider network your insurer has recommended, you will not be penalized by the plan for seeking care with the medical professional you are most comfortable with.

If you receive inpatient healthcare treatment at a medical facility like St. Vincents Hospital, the costs associated with your care will normally be much higher than any general practitioner’s visit you will have ever had; in many cases the costs associated with private inpatient healthcare will actually be more than all the GP checkups and visits you have had put together – inpatient care can be massively expensive.

As such, all of our expatriate Australia medical insurance plans will contain a core component in the form of an in-patient coverage benefit. Inpatient coverage will normally protect you from the costs associated with:

·Hospital accommodation; Private and Semi Private rooms

·Surgical costs, including surgical equipment and anesthetics

·Organ transplantation

·Ambulance and medical transportation costs on a domestic/municipal basis

·Diagnostic tests performed on an inpatient basis; X-rays, CAT Scans, MRIs etc.

·Prescribed inpatient medications.

·Prosthetic devices if required

·Emergency dental treatment.

However, Pacific Prime can offer you even more coverage options for your Australia medical insurance plan than simply an inpatient coverage benefit. Depending on your situation and your personal needs, coverage benefits which may be suitable for inclusion on your policy could include:

·Maternity Health Insurance

·Dental Treatment Insurance

·Outpatient Health Insurance

·Emergency Evacuation Health Insurance

·Vaccination and Preventative Healthcare Insurance

·Alternative Therapy Insurance, including Traditional Chinese Medicine.

·Dormancy Health Insurance

·War And Terrorism Health Insurance

Pacific Prime works with all the leading international health insurance companies and we can provide you with an exceptional range of choice with regards to your cover. We can provide plans from more than 50 globally recognized superior insurers, and because of this it may be possible for our expert team of global health insurance brokers to actually tailor a policy to meet your individual requirements.

When you submit a quotation request using the simple form at the top of this page, your expert consultant will provide you with a detailed comparison overview of all the plans which we feel are best suited to meet the requirements which you will have identified. From the initial comparison, we will then work with you to identify the best possible coverage option.

For more information about the Australian international health insurance plans we can provide to Argentinean expatriates living in the country, or to learn additional details about the extensive coverage benefits we are able to offer, please Contact Us today to speak to one of our expert health insurance brokers in the language of your choice. Or, as stated above, you can request a completely free quotation comparison of quality expatriate medical insurance plans by completing the form at the top of this page.

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