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Can you offer Travel Health Insurance for a 7 month holiday in southeast Asia, China and Russia

Can you offer Travel Health Insurance for a 7 month holiday in southeast Asia, China and Russia

I am currently living in Vietnam. In June, my girlfriend and I are going travelling for 7 months. For this time, we want to get insurance that will cover us when travelling around southeast Asia, China and Russia. Can you provide insurance for us? Many thanks.

Pacific Prime offers health insurance for travelers visiting any area of the world, including southeast Asia, Russia and China. A travel health plan can be of any length of duration, from one day to a maximum of 12 months.

Travel Health Insurance which we provide will typically afford you with worldwide coverage for medical expenses that incur as a result of an accident or illness. We also offer additional benefits that will provide you with coverage in the event of theft, cancellation of trip, personal accident, personal liability and other insurance benefit options.

As an insurance broker, we have expert knowledge in the various international travel insurance plans that are available today, advising our customers which insurance options will meet their needs. Through careful selection, Pacific Prime has opted to provide Travel Health Plans underwritten by IHI-BUPA, a leading international insurance provider. IHI-BUPA offers a high level of insurance coverage which extends beyond a basic travel health plan. Our travel health insurance plans are comprehensive, providing policy holders with a wide range of benefits while they travel overseas.

Travel Health Insurance Plans offered through Pacific Prime will typically afford a wide range of benefits such as:

Unlimited Maximum cover per person per trip
Outpatient treatment
Prescribed Medicines
Medical Evacuation
Return Trip
Compassionate Emergency Repatriation
Next-of-kin accompaniment
Compassionate emergency visit
Home transportation of the deceased
Statutory arrangements in case of death
Board, lodging and local transport for a person summoned or accompanying the insured, per day.

For additional information about the IHI-BUPA travel insurance plans which we offer, please see the list of travel insurance benefits.

Pacific Prime highly recommends health insurance for travelers visiting areas of the world where the adequate level of medical care may not be readily available. Some hospitals in southeast Asia typically have limited medical equipment and are unable to cope with a traumatic accident or serious health condition, particularly within remote rural or island areas.

In the event of a serious accident or illness, travelers may be subjected to extremely high costs such as air transportation for medical evacuation. Travel health plans offered through Pacific Prime provide the high level of coverage that will be required in the event of a medical emergency or serious health condition.

In the event of medical emergency, travelers usually find it difficult to navigate their way through the health care system in any foreign country. This occurs particularly in countries where English is rarely spoken, such as China. Travel health plans which we offer allow access to the International SOS 24 hour health care line, offering expert advice on how to arrange the appropriate medical assistance.

For more information on Travel Health Insurance Plans or to receive a free global health insurance quote, please contact one of our dedicated advisers today.

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