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Can you offer short term health insurance

Can you offer short term health insurance


Do you have a health insurance for a month covering Peru and Brazil? We are planning trip in April 2013. The coverage we are looking is for outpatient doctor, hospital in case of need, lab tests, prescriptions when visiting these countries. We do not need emergency evacuation because we would get travel insurance. Please email any information relevant to private care for just one month if there a GOOD INSURANCE COMPANY providing this short time health insurance.

Pacific Prime can offer international health insurance coverage in numerous countries and as our overage extends to almost every corner of the globe, finding you a suitable plan to protect you in both Peru and Brazil should not be a problem.

Whilst you could opt for an International Health insurance plan, these are often designed for long term stays in foreign destinations (of around 12 or more months) and are more suited to those wishing to relocate on a longer-term basis. A Travel health insurance plan can normally offer the same high levels of comprehensive coverage in multiple countries but with the main difference being that they are only valid for up to 12 months. As you are only planning to visit your chosen destination for one month, it is advisable to look into a Pacific Prime Travel Health insurance plan.

Out-patient coverage is normally included in most international travel health insurance plans and will typically include medical benefits that do not require an overnight stay in a medical facility such as; general doctors fees, prescribed medicines, medical procedures and lab tests. Pacific Prime travel plans will normally include in-patient coverage too and assist you in covering hospital room rates, anaesthetic fees and other surgical related costs.

Other benefits that normally accompany a travel insurance health plan include:

Unlimited Maximum cover per person per trip
Hospitalization Insurance cover
Outpatient treatment
Prescribed Medicines
Medical Evacuation
Return Trip
Compassionate Emergency Repatriation
Next-of-kin accompaniment
Compassionate emergency visit

However, you should take care to note that most travel plans do not typically cover any pre-existing conditions or chronic illnesses that you may have experienced 6 months prior to the start date of the plan. For example, if you have been hospitalised, or will be expecting to receive treatment 6 months prior to departing on your journey, you may not be eligible to receive coverage for the condition in question. For more information regarding pre existing conditions and how they may affect your travel insurance, please click the link.

In addition to pure medical coverage, we can also offer you more travel related benefits and cover you in the event of theft, personal liability, trip cancellations and baggage coverage. Whilst this non-medical coverage can increase your premium, it is definitely worth considering especially as Peru and Brazil are not particularly renowned for traveller hospitality. Whilst Brazil has been at pains to improve the relative safety of visitors in Cities like Rio De Janeiro, there are still a number of potential concerns including Drug-related violence and wide spread street crime. However, ahead of Brazil’s hosting of the 2016 Olympic Games and the 2014 FIFA World Cup improvements have been made, but these are not extensive enough to rule out extended umbrella coverage under your travel insurance policy whilst you are in the country next year.

In terms of the premium you can expect to pay, when calculating travel health insurance premiumsthe total length of your trip as well as your age will be the two factors used to calculate your plan total. Travel insurance policies from Pacific Prime will never use your medical history as a factor when calculating the policy premium, but the total amount you will pay will be highly dependent on the exact duration of your journey – the date that you leave your home country and the day that you return are both considered “travel days” under the international travel health insurance plans we work with, and should be noted in your policy application.

The team of brokers here at Pacific Prime have dedicated their time into researching which travel insurance plans can provide the best coverage for our customers and have opted to provide plans underwritten by BUPA – IHI to provide comprehensive coverage that goes beyond a basic travel health plan.

Both Peru and Brazil are health risk zones for several diseases including malaria and yellow fever so you should make sure you research this further and obtain all the necessary vaccinations before travelling. The yellow fever vaccine is particularly important to organise before your departure as both countries will not allow entry to travellers unless they carry a health certificate provided by a government health organisation to state they have received the vaccine.

Pacific Prime stays up to date with the latest health related news across the globe and regularly updates their information pages to provide you with any extra information you require. Head over to either our Peru or Brazil page to find out more about each country, its health sector and other interesting cultural information.

Suitable health care facilities may be found in Lima or Rio but the chances are that high quality medical facilities will become less sophisticated and even less frequent as you travel towards more of the rural or developing areas of either country.
While it is great to experience the less travelled road, it is also risky and if any incident were to occur, you would want to rest easy in the knowledge that you were covered for such an event. Most travel insurance plans will offer coverage to ensure you can be transported to the nearest medical facility that can deal with your condition/injury or even return you to your home country if necessary. These costs are often hugely expensive and it is therefore definitely worth considering medical evacuation coverage when creating your travel insurance plan.

Furthermore, dealing with any healthcare system in a foreign country can be a stressful and confusing experience, especially if you do not speak either Spanish or Portuguese. IHI – BUPA has already thought of the solution to this and can provide you with access to a 24 hour SOS healthcare hotline which can ensure you receive the appropriate medical assistance, wherever you are.

For more information about the benefits of a Travel health insurance plan, or to answer any other queries you may have, click here to contact a member of our expert team of brokers today or alternatively, fill in the simple request form at the top of this page to receive your free quotation as soon as possible.

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