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Can you offer maternity cover in Cyprus

Can you offer maternity cover in Cyprus

I am from the Czech republic. I have a few questions about health insurance in Cyprus. If you would be so kind and helped me with the answers. Since March 2012 me and my husband are going to work to Cyprus for a few years. We dont know how does it work in Cyprus with health insurance. We would like to know, how much do we have to pay monthly (EUR) for health insurance to cover all healthcare for me and my husband? We also want to have baby in Cyprus. So we are curious even if the gynecology is for free and how it is with giving birth to a child. Thank you very much for your answers.

Pacific Prime offers a large range of expatriate and maternity health insurance plans for those planning to live abroad. We have various levels of plans, all of which provide access to some of the best doctors and hospitals in Cyprus and elsewhere around the world.

Expatriates can receive maternity care services in the public or private health care system in Cyprus. At all Cyprus hospitals, expatriates and other visitors to the country must pay for their total health care bill, unless they are covered by private Cyprus health insurance. To cover these expenses, expatriates are highly recommended to obtain an international health insurance plan.

While most public hospitals in Cyprus offer adequate emergency care and inpatient treatments, expatriates should go to private hospitals to receive higher standards of health care and avoid long waiting lists that Cyprus public patients normally endure. Expatriates are highly recommended to obtain an international health insurance plan to cover the high medical costs that are typically associated with private hospitals.

An expatriate health insurance plan will typically offer a range of health care benefits including:

Worldwide cover
Inpatient care
Emergency care
Outpatient care
Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation

A range of additional benefits can be added onto your plan, such as maternity, dental, and increased limits on inpatient and outpatient treatments. Couples who are planning to have children must include coverage for maternity cover and complete a waiting period before they claim for their maternity benefits. This waiting period varies among plans but will normally be between 10 and 12 months. Saying this, it is important to obtain maternity coverage as soon as you plan a family, to ensure you will be entitled to the best maternity treatments that are available today.

Maternity cover will normally include:

Private or a semi private room
Prenatal Care
Normal Delivery
Postnatal Care
Home Birth (Midwife)
Prescribed Caesarian Section
Complications during Delivery
Care of Newborn (on some maternity plans)

The Mother and Child Centre is one of the largest private maternity clinics in Cyprus. The facility offers prenatal care, delivery rooms and is equipped with modern medical technology. There are several other private clinics and medical facilities that can offer you exceptional health care in Cyprus.

For more information about the expatriate and maternity health insurance plans we can offer, or to receive a free global health insurance quote, please contact us today.

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