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Can you offer Bupa health insurance policies

Can you offer Bupa health insurance policies


Can you offer Bupa health insurance policies?

Pacific Prime is able to offer a range of international health insurance options from Bupa. Bupa has an extended portfolio of comprehensive policies from which you can choose; there are international health insurance plans that are designed for expatriates overseas, and local Bupa medical insurance policies for individuals, families, and groups living their home country.

Bupa is one of the leading health insurers worldwide. They continue to be the leading private medical insurance provider in the United Kingdom, where the company was founded in 1947, in addition to having established a vast network of local insurance companies worldwide. This allows Bupa the unparalleled ability to provide high levels of service to their customers on a global basis.

Bupa is known widely for the company’s ability to provide high levels of global health insurance coverage. Bupa offers a range of basic “core” policies which provide in-patient cover, but also allow the policyholder the option to add on additional coverage benefits such as outpatient, maternity, and dental treatment. This allows policy holders to find a plan that suits their individual needs without having to sacrifice the quality of their coverage.

Bupa has designed health insurance plans for businesses, families and individuals – for those living in their home country or overseas.

Local health insurance policies from Bupa are available through the company’s local offices and international subsidiaries. Local representatives of Bupa include:


Bupa International, the global arm of the company, specializes in the provision of international health insurance plans, and offers comprehensive expatriate coverage, on a worldwide basis, to:

  • Families and Individuals:

    Bupa is able to cover families and individuals through the company’s Worldwide Health Options insurance policy. A flexible international health insurance plan, this policy will afford the policyholder worldwide coverage on an in-patient basis, with the option of adding additional benefits to the plan coverage including; outpatient, maternity, health screening, prescription medications, and comprehensive emergency evacuation and repatriation.

  • Businesses
  • Bupa has an extensive range of health insurance policies designed for companies and international schools, in addition to providing specific coverage options to employees and groups working in the maritime, oil and gas industries. Bupa Company health insurance plans are designed to cover both small and large businesses. These plans will offer basic coverage with the option of including extended benefits under the policy, with up to five levels of coverage available. As such, these policies can be extensively tailored to the unique needs of your organization. Additionally, for companies with over 10 members, it may be possible to include coverage for pre-existing conditions under the policy; this would allow for the coverage of all pre-existing conditions present within the group (even chronic conditions such as asthma and diabetes).

Bupa members can enjoy ease of access to services through online and phone line facilities. As a Bupa member you can go online to Bupa MembersWorld, where you will be able to view your health insurance plan and policy benefits, process claims online, chat to Bupa consultants using webchat, update records, and receive health information and advice.

Bupa offers members 24 hour support through a medical helpline. Medically trained consultants will offer assistance in the event of an emergency by providing health advice, locating a doctor, or organizing emergency evacuation assistance if needed.

Bupa members can also receive a second opinion through Advance Medical. Bupa members consult with a doctor or specialist to receive expert medical advice on their health condition, recommended treatment plan and any alternative treatment options.

For more information about Bupa Health Insurance Plans that Pacific Prime can offer you, or to receive a free quote, please contact us today.

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