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Can i obtain Taiwan Health Insurance

Can i obtain Taiwan Health Insurance


i have taiwan residence but i don t know how to apply for the health insurance here would you help? thanks

Pacific Prime can offer international health insurance policies to expatriates around the world, including Taiwan. We specialize in providing comprehensive coverage options throughout the Asia-Pacific region, and our many years of experience working with expatriates means that we understand the unique issues which are important to you.

The plans which we work with are able to cover expatriates anywhere in the world. Even if you are a resident of a nation outside your home country, should you relocate your coverage will travel with you, even if you return home.

Taiwan health insurance policies which we can provide are available from some of the world’s largest, and most respected, insurance companies. In many cases we are able to tailor the coverage options for the policies we work with in order to meet your specific requirements.

Policy coverage benefits which we can provide may include:

·Maternity Treatment Insurance

·Out-Patient coverage

·Emergency Evacuation Coverage

·Dental Treatment Coverage

·Vaccinations and Preventative medicine.

·Pre-Existing Condition Coverage

·War and Terrorism health insurance coverage

Please be advised that these benefits are only examples. In many cases we are able to include coverage options within our plans which are specific to your needs; please contact us for further information regarding health insurance customization options.

International health insurance policies from Pacific Prime are usually guaranteed renewable for life, giving you the assurance that no matter what happens, you will still have the comprehensive protection you require. In addition to this, none of the plans we work with will calculate premiums based on your claims history, meaning that you are able to receive as much medical treatment as you need, confident that your claims will not affect the cost of your policy.

With a dedicated claims team, and an in-house administration department, we are able to extensively manage your Taiwan health insurance policy, leaving you free to focus on your life.

For a free Taiwan health insurance quote please fill in the short form at the top of this page. Alternatively, you may contact us for additional information about the plans which we offer by clicking here.

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