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Can I have both inpatient and outpatient coverage in an International Health Insurance Plan

Can I have both inpatient and outpatient coverage in an International Health Insurance Plan


I want to ask whether I can have inpatient as well as outpatient cover simultaneously? The cover is for India and the UAE.

Pacific Prime offers comprehensive International Health Insurance plans to expats living overseas, in any area of the world. International Medical Insurance plans, which we can offer will provide you with access to quality medical services. We have a range of different medical coverage options, including inpatient and outpatient treatment, which expats can select to suit their health care needs.

Worldwide coverage is typically included in the International Health Insurance plans we offer. This ensures that you have comprehensive health insurance coverage while you are outside of your home country, no matter where in the world you may be. In addition to this, expatriate health insurance policies which we provide will normally allow you to choose where and when you receive medical treatment; plans will often allow you to choose the doctor or hospital of your choice, regardless of the medical facility’s geographical location.

With worldwide coverage, you will be able to use your health insurance policy in any country you visit, including India and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). You will be entitled to your policy benefits that are provided in your health insurance policy and will be ensured access to quality health care facilities.

Our International Health Insurance plans are also globally portable, allowing expats to continue using their health insurance whether they move to another country, or return to their home nation. At Pacific Prime we understand that expats have unique and changing needs; and that they're likely to relocate or repatriate in the foreseeable future.

Global medical insurance policy benefits which we can provide may include:

Inpatient health insurance
Worldwide Cover
Geographic Coverage
Maternity Health Insurance Coverage
Dental Coverage
Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation Insurance

A health insurance plan will typcially include a range of the above policy benefits and the policy holders may then decide to select additional coverage options, such as outpatient treatment.

All international health insurance plans offered by Pacific Prime will provide in-patient, or hospitalization, coverage as the core of a policy. Inpatient medical treatment is typically defined as any medical treatment where an overnight stay in a hospital or clinic is deemed to be necessary. In-patient health insurance plans from Pacific Prime will normally include coverage for hospitalization in a semi-private/private hospital room, ambulance costs, diagnostic tests received, inpatient medications, intensive care treatment, surgery and associated charges,and organ transplant.

In addition to Core International health insurance policies providing in-patient medical coverage, plans which we can provide will typically allow you to obtain a range of extended benefits, including coverage for out-patient treatment. Out-patient treatment is normally definied as any medical treatment which does not require an overnight stay in a hospital or medical facility.

Outpatient insurance coverage will typically include benefits for medical practitioner and specialist fees, routine check ups, and vaccinations. Out-patient coverage may also include policy benefits for prescription medications, alternative treatments, diagnostic tests such as x-rays, and home nursing.

UAE health insurance options from Pacific Prime will afford you high levels of comprehensive medical coverage, and will continue to protect you and your family in both the UAE and India. For more information about comprehensive India Health Insurance or UAE Health insurance policies we can provide, different coverage options, or to receive a free quote, please contact us today.
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