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Can I get maternity cover in Germany

Can I get maternity cover in Germany


I am an American citizen who has been residing out of the country. I just learned that i am pregnant. Currently, im residing in Germany. Im looking for an insurance that will cover my pregnancy here.

Pacific Prime can offer private health insurance in Germany as well as any other country region worldwide. We can offer a range of international health insurance plans to United States expats which can include maternity care benefits and coverage of your newborn child. Working with over 55 health insurance providers, Pacific Prime can help you to find the best Germany health insurance cover that will suit your health care needs.

Pacific Prime can offer Germany health insurance plans that include worldwide coverage, affording you with access to your health plan benefits in any country region across the globe. Policy holders are able to select their own doctor and health care facility, and receive medical treatment in any country of their choice. With worldwide health insurance, policy holders ultimately have access to the best health care treatment in the world.

Working with a large number of health insurance companies, Pacific Prime can offer a wide range of Germany health insurance benefits including hospital, outpatient, maternity, dental, optical and other medical treatments. Maternity plans will normally include access to a wide range of treatments, including pre natal and post natal care, normal delivery, pregnancy with complications, home birth, and Cesarian section.

Health insurance providers will typically apply a waiting period on maternity benefits and other types of medical treatments, such as a plan’s dental benefit. The waiting period must be completed before any maternity treatment can be reimbursed by the insurer, and maternity treatment received prior to the completion of the waiting period cannot be claimed for under the policy. The waiting period applied to maternity benefits is typically between 10 and 12 months duration, although this period will normally differ among insurers.

As you are currently pregnant it may not be possible to complete the waiting period on an international health insurance plan. However, there are options which can help you to ensure medical coverage of your newborn child, mainly by purchasing a Newborn Child Benefit. A Newborn Child Benefit will offer medical cover of the child after the birth, including coverage of hospital treatments, intensive care, diagnostic tests, surgery and other benefits according to the plan.

The policy holder can select one of two options under the Newborn Child Benefit:

1. Free Benefit

The 'Free Benefit' will provide coverage of your newborn child immediately after birth, up to a fixed time period or financial limit. This coverage period will normally be around 90 days and the financial limit can normally provide approximately US$30,000 in coverage. A free benefit will not impact your annual health insurance premium, but once the benefit’s limit has been reached a new application must be submitted to the insurer in order for the child to receive continuing protection, for which a premium will be levied after acceptance.

2. Born into the Plan

A 'Born into the Plan' benefit will provide coverage of your newborn child immediately after birth, with no fixed period applied. While coverage is continued regardless of the child's health condition, a Born into the Plan benefit will ultimately result in a higher impact on the insurance premium. However, having a child born into an existing policy will ensure that they are able to receive lifelong medical coverage, regardless of the state of their health at birth.

While a New Born Child coverage benefit is also typically attached to a waiting period by most international health insurance companies, it is important to note that this waiting period is often much shorter than that associated with a maternity benefit; in the case of new born child coverage this can be as low as 6 months from the start of the plan. This means that even if you are unable to receive coverage for maternity treatment under the policy, you will still be able to obtain protection for your child and ensure that they start life with the medical security the infant deserves.

Another consideration is an employer sponsored, company health insurance plan. Company health plans will normally include extra benefits, such as the exclusion of waiting periods. As such, employee members and their dependents will typically be offered immediate access to their medical benefits, including maternity care cover and other medical treatments.

For more information about Germany Maternity Health Insurance, or to receive a free Global Health Insurance quote, please contact us today.

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