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What type of geographical coverage do you offer in your plans

What type of geographical coverage do you offer in your plans

I am trying to get a quote for international cover. However it seems that I can only request cover for one country on the website. I travel to different countries. The only areas i do not want cover for are USA and Canada. Can you advise how i can proceed with this. Thank you

Please note that all of the plans we offer will provide coverage beyond just the country that you require primary coverage in. As genuine expatriate international plans, you will be able to take the plan with you anywhere in the world, or anywhere excluding the USA (or Canada) depending on the type of plan you choose to take out.

Most of the plans we offer fall into two categories of geographical coverage: Worldwide and Worldwide excluding the USA. The Worldwide plans tend to around 50% more expensive than the excluding USA plans, and this is because of the expensive costs for treatments and medicines in the USA. There are also some plans the will offer Worldwide excluding North America (USA and Canada) although these are becoming less common.

Another thing to keep in mind about the Worldwide excluding USA plans is that these will still be able to offer limited cover for unscheduled treatments that may occur while travelling in the USA or Canada. This permits for our clients to have peace of mind in the event of emergencies, even when they are out of their country or region of primary coverage.

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