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Can you offer private health cover for expat employees

Can you offer private health cover for expat employees


We will hire an expatriate and we need to know your insurance package products for our expat employee. Please send me the quotation, several package products insurance. Thanks.

Pacific Prime work with a large range of leading health insurance providers that offer expat health insurance plans for employees working abroad, some of which include William Russell, Allianz, and Bupa International, among many others. There are various employee health plans that are available to businesses worldwide, from comprehensive medical cover to affordable plans and premium saving options.

Expat health insurance plans will typically include worldwide access to medical treatments, affording employee members with quality medical treatment anywhere in the world they may travel. To save on your premium, businesses may exclude medical cover in the USA, or select a plan that includes medical cover in their local area only, such as Africa, India or Indonesia. An employee health plan will normally include hospital cover, with the option to add on extra medical cover such as outpatient, maternity, dental and optical benefits. Health insurance providers will usually include other benefits such as emergency medical evacuation and preventative health screening services.

William Russell offers a comprehensive worldwide medical plan with the option to include travel health insurance benefits such as trip cancellation, theft and personal liability. William Russell offers premium saving benefits to specific country regions such as Indonesia (excluding Bali), the UAE, Africa, India and Asia. With William Russell plans, expats in Indonesia have access to a local emergency evacuation and outpatient medical and dental services through Global Assistance and Healthcare.

Allianz Worldwide Care offers expat health plans with high levels of worldwide medical coverage up to €7.5m, plus an Accidental Death benefit. Businesses can include or exclude USA coverage and select different levels of deductibles to save on their premium. Allianz Worldwide care has a multilingual helpline service offering assistance in over 35 different languages.

Bupa International offers high medical cover with access to worldwide treatment, including or excluding the USA. Bupa International can offer health cover for specific industries such as corporate organisations, international schools, oil and gas, marine industry, and businesses working from Egypt or Africa. Bupa International awards companies that register large groups of employees, offering highly flexible, tailor made plans to companies with over 100 employees.

Many health insurance providers will award employees with extra benefits if they reach a certain number of members. For example, if a company registers more than 20 members on a group health plan, they can receive a medical history disregard benefit (MHD). With a MHD benefit, the insurance company may overlook the medical history of the employees and cover pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes or asthma and other chronic medical conditions. If a company registers a large group of employees on a plan than waiting lists for major treatments may be excluded. This can include the exclusion of 12 months waiting periods on treatments such as maternity cover, dental treatment, and other major medical treatments. Offering immediate access to medical treatment is a major benefit to traveling expat employees.

International health insurance providers will typically offer worldwide medical treatment and emergency evacuation and repatriation benefits. This is highly important for expat employees working in country regions where a high level of medical care may not be readily available. In the event of a serious medical illness or accident, an expat employee may need emergency medical evacuation to receive the specialized medical care required. Air transportation costs are extremely high and as such emergency evacuation cover and access to worldwide hospital treatment is highly recommended.

For more information about Expat Employee Health Medical Insurance Plans offered through Pacific Prime, or to receive a free global Health Insurance quote, please contact us today.

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