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Can you offer maternity coverage in the USA

Can you offer maternity coverage in the USA

I am an egyptian travelling to the states during the month of july and would like to join maternity insurance. My length of stay in the states would be 2-3 month. Is that possible? How much shall I pay? Thanks, Dina

Pacific Prime is able to provide International Health Insurance Plans with comprehensive Maternity Health Insurance benefits. We can offer Maternity Health Insurance Plans to individuals residing in Egypt, with medical coverage extending to all areas of the world, including the USA.

Our International Health Insurance plans at Pacific Prime generally provide Worldwide Coverage, which means you are able to use your health insurance policy in any area of the world. Our 'globally portable' plans allow you to continue your Health Insurance policy in any area of the world, whether you are relocating overseas, traveling to another country, or returning to your home country. A number of our International Health Insurance plans can also offer Geographic Coverage benefits, which will allow you the choice to exclude an area of medical coverage, in order to reduce the impact on your premium.

At Pacific Prime we have a range of Maternity Health Insurance policies that can be included on your International Health Insurance plan. Our insurance providers normally offer different levels of maternity care, with coverage often including benefits for standard delivery, prenatal care, emergency Cesarian operations, amongst other benefits.

Most insurance companies will place a 'waiting period' on Maternity Health Insurance policies. At the start of the plan, maternity expenses will not be covered until this 'waiting period' is over. The duration of the Maternity waiting period will vary between insurers; however it is typically between 10 to 12 months from the start of the plan. After the waiting period is completed, policy holders may claim for maternity related expenses covered on their Maternity Health Insurance Plan.

In many cases we can typically offer plans which provide a 'New Born Child' coverage benefit. While a New Born Child benefit will usually be attached to a waiting period, this is often much shorter than those associated with Maternity Coverage; in some cases as short as 6 months from the start of the plan. A New Born Child benefit will typically be applied in one of two ways; the child may receive a “Free Benefit” for coverage under the policy, or they may be “Born Into The Plan.”

1. Free Benefit

If the child receives a Free Benefit under the policy then they will be provided medical insurance coverage up to a pre-determined time, or financial limit. Once the limit has been reached you must submit an application to the insurer for continuing coverage.

2. Born into the Plan

If the child is born into the existing Policy then they will be guaranteed continuing coverage from birth no matter what the state of their health. If it is important to note that having your child 'born into the plan' will increase your policy premium.

A Travel Health Insurance Plan may be another option for you. Travel Health Insurance generally covers medical expenses relating to an illness or accident, for the duration of the period selected by the policy holder. In some cases, a Travel Health Insurance Plan may cover medical expenses relating to pregnancy complications, in the event of an accident or illness; however, this coverage is not universal and will vary by insurer.

Premiums are generally calculated on your age and geographic location, as well as other additional Coverage Options you decide to include on your International Health Insurance Plan. Health care costs vary within different countries, as such the country you reside in may have an affect on your premium. 'Geographic Coverage' is an option that is provided by some insurers, which can reduce your premium by excluding an area of the world covered on your International Health Insurance Plan. Areas such as the US are typically excluded by policy holders in order to reduce the impact on their premium. In some cases, during the renewal of your International Health Insurance policy, Geographic Coverage can be modified to suit your changing needs.

Pacific Prime has a large range of insurance providers that offer various different International Health Insurance Plans that include Maternity Health policies. For more information about International Health Insurance plans we can provide, different Maternity Health Insurance options available, or to receive a free global Health Insurance quote, please contact us today.

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