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How well do you know international health insurance?

How well do you know international health insurance?

Where do you live?
As an expat, do you need international health insurance in your country of residence?
That said, international health insurance enables you to access the best private healthcare (anywhere in the world!) without paying out of pocket, which is why it’s a popular option for expats.
Remember to read your policy carefully or speak to a reputable broker about it. If your policy doesn’t cover pandemics like COVID-19, brokers can also help you find policies that will.
Did you know that major medical or inpatient coverage is included in virtually all health insurance policies?
Outpatient coverage is optional (unlike inpatient coverage that’s included in health insurance plans by default).
While most health insurers are reluctant to cover pre-existing conditions, there are some that will cover them for an extra charge (aka premium loading).
Another term you should familiarize yourself with is ‘deductible’. A deductible is an amount that must be paid for covered healthcare services before the health insurer begins paying.
Dental insurance is a rider or ‘optional extra’ that you can add to an existing health insurance plan. Other riders include maternity and vision coverage.
An increasing number of health insurers have extended maternity waiting periods from 12 to 24 months, and it looks like this will be the norm going forward.
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You clearly know a lot about International Health Insurance, and are well aware of important health insurance terms. We encourage you to stay sharp by visiting our Blog or Insurance and Health Guides section for even more information!

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You have a fair understanding of international health insurance plans, and how they work. Reviewing every option when choosing insurance plans can take time and energy, so if you need any expert insurance advice now or in the future, feel free to contact us for a free and impartial consultation.


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You’re an expat with little to no knowledge about how international health insurance works, and you might find yourself in a difficult situation if a serious medical problem happens to you. It’s crucial to know the differences between local and private healthcare systems in your country of residence, and even if you have company-sponsored health insurance, knowing the range of benefits covered and whether your plan is enough is crucial.