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About Us

Pacific Prime is an insurance intermediary that works for people all over the world to find the insurance they need.

About Us

Simplifying Health Insurance

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Pacific Prime is an insurance advisor that offers local insurance solutions and a wide range of health plans and cover for individuals and families.

We provide free quotations along with expert independent advice for clients in person, over the phone and on the internet.

We represent our clients' interests and offer unbiased and helpful advice so you can find the best insurance solutions.

What Does Pacific Prime Do?

With the aim of helping every customer understand their insurance, we promise:

Free Service

Our advice and services are free of charge, and the premium you pay should you buy a policy through us will never be higher than going directly to the insurer. 

Comprehensive Comparison

After you contact us about your insurance, we will prepare a comprehensive comparison table of different local health care coverage plans from various insurers. The table will be customized to reflect your personal needs. 

Assigned Assistance

An assigned customer service representative will then assist you in selecting the most suitable insurance plan by explaining the benefits and limitations of each plan, allowing you to make the best decision for your specific circumstances.

Local Insurers

We work with the best locally compliant health insurance companies throughout the world, and can help you to select the right company and right plan.

Simplifying Health Insurance
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