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Kidnap and Ransom

Pacific Prime can help you find expat health insurance that provide the international health benefits you need, including kidnapping and Ransom insurance.

One of the many unique threats presented to expatriates in war zones or terrorism hot spots is the ever present danger of kidnapping and ransom demands. In many cases, the ransom demand requested in exchange for the kidnap victim is so high that it cannot be paid with readily available funds.

More than 14 countries worldwide reported kidnappings during 2009, with the average ransom demand exceeding US$ 25 Million. While kidnappers have been known to settle for less than the demand amount, many groups organizing kidnappings will use violent methods to achieve their preferred sum; this can have a less than desirable effect on the victim.

Kidnap and Ransom insurance, in conjunction with other High Risk Insurance products can help you to retrieve your loved ones from danger as quickly as possible. Typical Kidnap and Ransom insurance will offer coverage for:

  • Independent Investigations of the Event
  • Negotiation of Ransom
  • Arrangement and Delivery of funds
  • Legal Liability
  • Hijacking Coverage
  • Wrongful Detention
  • Death or Dismemberment

In areas of the world where kidnapping is a valid risk, such as Colombia or El Salvador, a comprehensive Kidnap and Ransom insurance policy can be a vital tool to protecting yourself, your loved ones, or even your business.

International health benefits plans offered by Pacific Prime can help ensure that should you, or your loved ones, suffer the unfortunate experience of Kidnapping, you will have the support you need to endure the situation.

For more information about the international Kidnap and Ransom insurance or other international health benefits insurance packages offered by Pacific Prime, or to receive a free quote, please contact one of our dedicated consultants.

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