International Private Medical Insurance Inflation - 2018

Private Medical Insurance Inflation - Southeast Asia

International Provate Medical Insurance (IPMI) Inflation in 2017 was lower, on average, than previous years with the region seeing an average increase in premiums of 6.9%. This is a decent amount lower than 2016’s increase of 9.9%.

In the last report, we felt that Southeast Asia’s IPMI inflation rate was beginning to pull away again from being closely aligned with the worldwide rate, however 2017 has seen it return to global parity.

The previous rise above the global IPMI inflation figure was due to high inflation increases in China, Hong Kong, and Singapore. However, it has been these three countries again that have had the biggest impact on this year’s rate movement.

This section covers the average inflation of each of our six locations included in this region, as well as the drivers pushing the IPMI prices shown in our data. To view each of the countries included in the Southeast Asia part of this report, click on the names to the left of the graph.